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The CMV test was positive what does that mean?

When the patient receives the result of the analysis, which says that the CMV test was positive, this means that the patient has immunity to this virus type, which means that a person is a carrier.

You must understand that the state of the media and the immunity to the virus do not guarantee or imply that for the patient there is no danger, and the virus can affect the health of the carrier, it all depends on the condition of the patient, his individual characteristics, the strength of the General immune system.

Important! The greatest danger this condition is for pregnant women, and more specifically to the fetus. On the developing fetus, the virus has a very devastating effect.

How to interpret the analysis

Analysis of IgG antibodies to cytomegalovirus is aimed at finding specific and specific antibodies to the virus. For this purpose, several samples of biological material from a patient.

What is IgG in the analysis? It is an abbreviation for immunoglobulin, a protein with protective properties, which is designed to identify and destroy the virus. To every virus that enters the human body, the immune system produces a specific immunoglobulin, which is to attack a new enemy. For ease of understanding of the process of immunoglobulins are called antibodies.

In addition to class G, the man has immunoglobulin classes A, M, D, and E.

If the human body has never encountered a particular virus, it means he can't produce the appropriate antibodies to it. If the antibodies in the body and they have a positive test, the body has met with such a virus. Antibodies of the same class against various types of virus are completely different, therefore, the analysis of IgG gives a fairly accurate result.

A few words about the virus

Feature of CMV infection is the fact that hitting once in the human body, it already remains there for life of the patient. Still have not developed any drug or therapy that would lead to the cure of virus.

However, since it is Sometimes possible to note the appearance mononucleosi signs with fever, sore throat and slight malaise.

Here we emphasize that if the analysis showed an active or acute form of the virus, the patient may need up to two weeks to reduce their social activity. During this period, he is a carrier of disease and spreading it around. It is recommended, for 7-15 days as seldom as possible to appear in places of the big congestion of people, to restrict their contact with children and especially pregnant women.

At this time, 7-15 days, the media is a potentially dangerous member of society, so to speak, after all, having a resistance tothe virus, he nevertheless extends it, and for many people, the infection can not pass so easily and seamlessly.

A positive test in people with immunodeficiency

The greatest danger she poses to people with immunity issues, with different immunodeficiencies. In this case, the following possible complications:

  • Especially dangerous is the presence of the virus in the first 3 months after conception, during this period, the virus may have a teratogenic effect on the fetus. At relapse of the virus, this probability is reduced, but not eliminated completely.

    If the infection occurs later, it can lead to the development of congenital cytomegalovirus infection.

    To undertake specific curative measures in this case, the doctor needs to carefully examine the medical history of the pregnant woman, and on this basis to consider additional criteria and characteristics of the situation.