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Purulent conjunctivitis – treatment of children and adults

Today it is very common eye disease, the cause of which is exposed to various infections and bacteria. Pathogens can be in the mucosa of the eyes with dirty hands (when they come in contact with the eyes or as a result of ingress of foreign objects (dirt, dust, etc.).

And almost immediately after that, the disease begins to develop rapidly. Form of purulent conjunctivitis and its further treatment are determined by the type precipitating the emergence of the pathogen.

Important! Conjunctivitis often suffer the little children. And the appearance of the first symptoms concerned moms begin to treat their children with folk remedies or medications that they are advised the pharmacy.

And this is a big mistake: doing self-treatment of purulent conjunctivitis can aggravate the disease, thereby worsening the condition and so a sick child. Therefore, if the child appeared purulent discharge from the eyes, it is necessary to take him to a doctor, who after careful examination to accurately diagnose and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

In severe disease, patients show a severe headache, and may rapidly rise the temperature. Moreover, there is a risk of development of inflammatory process in the upper respiratory tract. Remember that if any of these symptoms be sure to consult to your doctor. But if the child got sick, it must be done immediately.


As for the causes of the outbreak of purulent conjunctivitis in children, today a lot of them.

  • Among them are the purulent-septic diseases that appear often in the result of natural weakening of the protective functions of the organism (immunity) in newborns.
  • A special area of the fall risk in premature infants.
  • Another reason is the constant failure to observe the rules of hygiene care, as well as the presence of newborns in the hospital. The fact that quite often doctors use a 20% solution of sodium sulfacyl, which irritates the conjunctiva of the eye, causing its inflammation. In such a situation, the presence in the newborn of some pathologies in lesovyvozka ways increases the risk of development of purulent conjunctivitis.
  • The disease can be caused also by the presence of some gram-negative microflora (Escherichia coli or Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Klebsiella etc). This type of conjunctivitis is considered the most dangerous because in the absence of necessary treatment, there is a likelihood of damage to the cornea.
  • In the future (in the absence of treatment) the patient begins to disturb severe itching century, he severely narrows his eyes. In addition, there is a "extension" of the so-calledof the third century.

    Due to the strong swelling of a century concerned about human pain develops moderate lacrimation and increased sensitivity of eyes to sunlight (that is, gradually developing photophobia). Often such patients complain of the appearance of lights and bright circles before eyes.


    The lack of timely treatment, generally lead to chronic course of the disease. If treatment is started in time and carried out in accordance with all recommendations of the doctor, complete deliverance from purulent conjunctivitis patients is guaranteed.

    The basis of curative treatment in this disease, regular treatment of the conjunctiva of the eye with antiseptic agents. Necessarily every day to wash the infected eye with a solution of levomicetina, rivanola or novocaine. And not once but at least 3-4 times a day.

    In addition, the doctor may be appointed and a special antibiotic ointment for eyes. They are recommended to be applied on the conjunctiva of the eyes just before bedtime. In order to prevent the risk of relapse, treatment should continue until complete recovery.