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How to remove a deep splinter under the fingernail

To the pain is not difficult, for any man, but how to get it, here is just there is a lot of problems.

Let's talk today about how to approach the process of removing the splinters so that our actions do not lead to complications, suppuration and subsequent urgent appeal to the doctors.

From here you need to be aware that underestimating the pain should not be, it's just a pain simple and harmless skin damage, in reality, pain is able to bring a lot of problems and lead to complications.

How dangerous is a pain

The first thing you need to know what time in respect of pain plays a crucial role. So get the stick out of the nail should be as fast as possible, not allowing it to stay a long time in the skin.

If the pain will be in the tissues more than 6 hours, there is a serious risk of development of purulent inflammation of the finger.

In addition, a foreign object in the tissue of a finger is easily able to lead to the formation of edema.

However, the worst thing what can cause a pain, is an acute bacterial disease –Tools that will be used to extract splinters, as well being treatment, this includes tweezers and needle. They can just dip into alcohol.

If the input drifts are virtually invisible, it can be pre-moistened with solution of potassium permanganate, it will help to simplify the process of extracting the splinters. Potassium permanganate in this case helps not only to disinfect the seat of the pain, but also helps to make it clearly visible, because the entrance wound is a dark color.

How to remove a splinter with a needle

In order to properly and accurately pull out a splinter with a needle, you will need to follow certain rules:

  • The needle is introduced carefully and at a right angle to the body of the pain.
  • The process of pulling out of foreign body from nail starts when the needle is firmly fixed in pain.
  • If this method doesn't yield result, have to carefully enlarge the wound and to try tweezers to grab the splinter and pull it to the tip.
  • If the inclusion body was almost parallel to the skin, using a needle you need to pry the skin, destroying it. After that, impurity is easy to pull out.

Take out a splinter from fingernail

Despite the fact that a splinter under the nail can seem practically harmless situation, in the end, is impurity, if his time, that is, almost immediately, to get capable of give a lot of problems. In the first place because the area under the nail plate is of particular sensitivity.

It is the area under the nail you'll be greatpredisposition to the development of infection included a foreign object. The most dangerous consequence of a failure to extract splinters – the development of anaerobic infections or as it is called gas gangrene.

As soon as the wound gets pathogenic microbes, they begin to proliferate in the complete absence of oxygen, and this is just the space under the nail plate. In such conditions, when damage to a blood vessel, the wound to stop the tide of arterial blood and begin to form gas bubbles.

Recall that tissue in the development of gas gangrene begin to mertveci, necrosis spreads and leads to death. That "just a pain". Moreover, the causative agents of anaerobic infections can survive for long periods in the soil or in dust, so at the first contact with splinters under the nail, you need to start extraction.

Here you can add that if the subject firmly into the fabric and not removed, the finger will need to steam. While in the most hot water possible without pain, poured salt or soda.

The finger is lowered into the water and kept her until now, until she cools down. If there is a need in the replay, you can not worry about the finger, to attempt to steam out a few times. And the salt and soda have a disinfecting action so that they are only for the benefit of your finger will work.

Then the pain is removed similarly as described above, the needle or tweezers. It is important to decide immediately, and if drift is not removed, you need to go to the hospital, otherwise, they'll have to get her already surgically. Naturally, when a strong pain syndrome in the hospital will be used for local anesthesia.

Traditional medicine in removing splinters

If the piece drifts during extraction remained in the tissues of the finger, you can try a folk remedy.

For example, you can take a piece of ordinary white bread, sprinkle with salt and carefully to survive. The resulting slurry is imposed on the inlet drifts and closed with plaster. After 4-6 hours the rest of the foreign object itself goes out.

Treatment of the lesion

After the foreign object is extracted, the wound needs to be treated. To do this, first use a solution of potassium permanganate, and then the wound can be coated with iodine.

If the place the wound a little later, begins to become inflamed, it is applied the liniment of syntomycin, and if it continues to fester, we will have to see a doctor.

Basically, after extracting splinters and the proper treatment, the wound heals quite quickly.