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Treatment of giardiasis in adults symptoms, reviews

Labels – a disease that leads to functional disorders of the small intestine, and causes penetration into the patient of the parasite – labli.

Interestingly, carriers of the parasite are often the most common flies, why doctors so often remind you of extermination in the premises of these insects, alluding to the fact that all measures of prevention, without destruction of flies are full.

Important! In adults, the symptoms of giardiasis occurs quite hidden and practically do not cause discomfort, and therefore to the doctors with this problem, adult patients rarely.

Giardiasis often strikes children. This happens for a very simple reason, the adult patient's immune system is able to resist disease, it is less susceptible to parasitic infections. Most often adults are carriers of the infection.


As soon as the parasite, Giardia enters the digestive system, it immediately goes into a vegetative form and aktiviziruyutsya.

Parasites come out with defecation, being in the stool. However, the number of parasites is so huge that the body itself is simply not able to bring them all naturally.

In chronic disease, the parasites can invade the gall bladder and even the liver, leading to increased risk of disease, especially if the patient is suffering from After this treatment the patient is undergoing rehabilitation, which is necessary for recovery. Such a course can last several months, as the toxic drugs and the parasites prior to treatment, causing significant damage to internal organs.

If we are talking about the treatment of chronic forms of labiosa, it primarily focuses on the preparation of the body. This is necessary in order to the risk of Toxicological and allergic complications have been reduced as much as possible. The scheme here is the following points:

  • eliminated the toxicity,
  • improves the enzyme activity of the body.
  • Adjusted immunological status.

The preparatory phase, before treatment can continue for 14 days. After training begins antiparasitic therapy, which seeks to destroy the protozoa. Simultaneously, the process of suppression of allergic reactions to medications.

Important! The second phase of treatment does not exceed 10 days, as the toxicity of the drugs used is too high.

And the last step is a special treatment that is designed not only to restore the body after toxic drugs, but also to create an obstacle for further growth and dissemination of parasites in the gallbladder and, more importantly, inliver.


During and after treatment, a special diet, which excludes:

  • Pasta, flour products, sweets, bakery products.
  • Milk.
  • Sausages.

As for cereals, the diet should contain buckwheat, corn grits and painted. Instead of milk to consume kefir or yogurt. The meat must be lean and boiled, fruits and vegetables can be eaten in any quantity.

Returning to treatment, note that it is always positive, and it is a principle, the sooner the better. However, self-medication is strictly contraindicated, with such strong and toxic drugs.