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Subatrophic pharyngitis – symptoms, treatment

Typical symptoms of chronic pharyngitis subtropicheskih are pain in the throat – dry, sore, difficulty swallowing (like a lump stuck).

This disease may be accompanied by fever or General weakness of the body. Mucus collects in the throat, on the back wall, provokes frequent coughing, which the patient believes will help "clean" the throat.

These symptoms can manifest as daytime and night, causing, as a consequence, sleep disturbances.


Subtropicheskih pharyngitis often occurs in those who because of the nature of their profession are constantly compelled to inhale the dust and fumes of harmful chemicals.

Causes of illness can also be the consequences of such chronic diseases as:

  • atrophic cholecystitis,
  • gastritis
  • pancreatitis.

In this case, it is not enough to treat only the sore throat, you must apply This symptom is amplified in windy weather. Particularly acute, the disease occurs in living conditions in areas with unfavorable environmental conditions, when working with toxic substances having a pungent smell.

On examination of the pharynx of the patient, the doctor often says the dryness and pallor of mucous membranes, their glossy surface. Sometimes chronic subatrophic pharyngitis characterized by the formation of patina or crusts on the surface of the pharynx.

The mucus creates discomfort when swallowing, there is always a desire to get rid of it through clearing. The cough is worse at night, prevents sleep.


Before to begin treatment of the disease should establish the reasons for its occurrence, which requires a full and detailed examination of the body.

One such reason may be shortness of breath with the nose when a person has to inhale air through the mouth. Thus the pharynx mucosa loses its normal humidity and infestation by microorganisms adhering to the surface with the flow of the inhaled air. The normal functioning of the mucous membranes of the pharynx breaks and frequent use of nasal drops.

The second reason for the development of subatrophic pharyngitis – diseases associated with digestion, disruption of the endocrine system, diabetes, renal, pulmonary, hepatic failure, Treatment involves exclusion from the diet of spicy food, carbonated and alcoholic beverages, coffee, tomato or any citrus juice. It is recommended to quit Smoking and to prevent hypothermia.

As drastic measures in the fight against chronic subatrophic pharyngitis can help climate change as most experts claimed that poor environment of the area – the reasonthe occurrence of diseases of the nasopharynx in 50% of cases.

Long-term observations confirm, that the pharyngitis are more susceptible to the residents of cities, whereas in rural cases of these diseases are rare. It is also impossible to exclude therapeutic and preventive effect of tempering procedures, different ways of improving the overall health.