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Viral conjunctivitis in children treatment, pictures

Viral conjunctivitis is one of the types of inflammatory process which affects the mucous membrane of the inner surfaces of the sclera and eyelids.


The reasons for the development of this type of conjunctivitis a few, but they are strictly connected with viruses. We can divide them into:

  • Isolated conjunctivitis, in this case, the reason may be adenovirus, the herpes simplex, the Incubation period of viral conjunctivitis lasts no more than 12 days. All this time there are no manifestations, however, after the expiry of incubation, begin to show the first symptoms. Describe the main of them:

    • On conjuctive age is observed the formation of follicle.
    • Increase blood vessels and irritated nerve endings in the eyes, leading to redness and watery eyes.
    • Itching.
    • There is a serous discharge, as a rule, first in one eye, but very quickly it is spreading to second.
    • An increase predosing lymph nodes, and they become painful on palpation.
    • Some children develop photophobia or feeling of presence of a foreign body in the eye.

    Important! The danger of viral conjunctivitis in the fact that there is a clouding of the cornea that leads to blindness in the child, and the residual turbidity can be observed even for several years after complete recovery.

    Adenoviral conjunctivitis

    This type of viral conjunctivitis can be transmitted solely by droplet infection, and the lesion is observed not only in eyes but also in the nasopharynx.

    Most often, this type can be classified as epidemic as it is given to outbreaks in groups in kindergartens and immediately posted at the preschool institution. Here you can note specific symptoms:

    • Catarrh of the upper respiratory tract.
    • High body temperature, which can reach 39 C.
    • You can often see that increase Presnya lymph nodes.
    • The eyes become red, the eyelids swell.
    • From the eye begins to stand out pus.
    • It is also noted photophobia, and watery eyes.


    Treatment of viral conjunctivitis involves the use of antiviral eye drops, which consists of interferon. We mention some of them:

    • Oftalmico. The principle of action anti-inflammatory mechanism that fights the virus and has immunomodulatory properties.
    • Poludan. antiviral eye drops on the basis of the biosynthetic complex of endogenous interferons, cytokines and interferon in lacrimal liquid.
    • Aktipol a strong antioxidant, antiviral drug, which alsohas a major regenerative effect on tissue.

    If treatment is needed in adenoviral conjunctivitis, to the above drugs, you need to add antiviral ointments which be sure the doctor prescribes.

    And before you begin using antiviral ointments, it is necessary to wash the child's eyes with infusion of chamomile or sage tea. It's important for the child's Ointment is recommended to apply 2-3 times a day on the lower eyelid. The course of treatment lasts for 10-45 days.

    • Tebrofenovaya ointment. This drug can be used generally with any viral diseases that affect the eyes. In the form of adenoviral conjunctivitis ointment is laid on the lower eyelid 3-4 times a day.
    • Bonafton. This ointment is active against certain adenoviruses. Apply on the lower eyelid, about, 025 g 1-4 times a day. The course is designed for 10-12 days.

    If necessary, appointed antibacterial and antibiotic ointments, for example, for most infections, is assigned eritromicina, tetracycline ointment.