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Chronic salpingitis and oophoritis

Salpingitis refers to the category of diseases that are directly related to inflammation of the fallopian tubes in women. A disease occurs due to the effects on the female body of various pathogenic, infectious agents.

First and foremost, the cause may be hiding in:

  • The impact of chlamydial infection.
  • The impact of streptococci, the strength of the pain, its intensity depends on at what stage the disease is. Respectively, and the disease can always be diagnosed in two basic types:

    • In the acute stage.
    • Chronic.

    In acute stage of pain syndrome is always expressed clearly, and the pain can be stabbing, cutting, throbbing. During the chronic, the pain subsides and becomes a dull or sometimes arching.

    Important! In the transition to the chronic stage of salpingitis and oophoritis, it is possible to note the appearance of fever without signs of a cold or Other antimicrobial therapies are prescribed by a doctor in strict accordance with what was discovered strain of the infection.

    It is important to emphasize that because of contraindications and side effects of most antimicrobial drugs, the medication should be prescribed only by a physician and not simply bought independently in a pharmacy. Self-medication in this case is strictly excluded.

    If salpingitis or oophoritis pass into a severe form, they necessarily require treatment in hospital. In this case, all drugs are administered intravenously in the form of injections or IVS.

    As for mild and chronic, both of the disease are treated with oral drugs and outpatient.

    Together with antibiotics and antimicrobial drugs, the doctor can make the complex treatment vitamin complexes, as well as adjuvants. Given that the majority of infections develops when a weakened immune system, increasing immune protection is a priority in the period of treatment and after treatment.

    However, the complex and go anti-Allergy drugs. Antihistamines constantly evolyutsioniruet, and it gives the opportunity to count on fast removal of this unpleasant symptom is itching, which causes a lot of discomfort with any infectious disease of the urogenital tract.

    Together with treatment with antibiotics, the doctor prescribes and use In extreme cases where conservative treatment type is ineffective, resort to surgical intervention. This option is considered if a purulent processes cannot be stopped.

    Surgery refers to a radical type of treatment in which the ovaries are completely removedwomen and their appendages.


    Prevention in this case is virtually identical to that recommended to prevent the development of most infectious diseases of the genitourinary system.

    First and foremost is the observance of rules of personal and intimate hygiene, protected sex and possibly more rare change of sexual partners.