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Effective treatment for fungus toenails

Nail fungus to simply, given that the disease being transmitted in any contact, just enough not to observe the rules of personal hygiene. Often it is Important to understand that anti-fungus there is a reverse side treatment side effects, which is why we again recall the treatment under the supervision of a physician. Self-medication, misuse of drugs leads only to the fact that the fungus develops resistance to drugs, progresses, and develops, and the treatment becomes long and inefficient. If we are talking about fungal growth in the initial stage, it is possible to stop the development of fungus simple antifungal lacquer. Let's give some names of paints that you can use:

  • Ciclopiroxolamine.
  • Batrafen.
  • Mikosan.
  • Loceryl.

Just say that you have to have patience, treatment lucky always goes a long period, and will have to apply the nail Polish several times a week for up to one year. But, medicated nail Polish top can be covered usual, cosmetic, so externally, the disease will not be seen even if it is about women. In addition to the varnish, it is possible to offer a means of "Nogawa", which is designed to painlessly remove the patient's nail plate. It's not so much the medication as a simple alternative to surgical method. Included in the composition of the components not just help to painlessly remove the plate, but also accelerate the healing process and growth of healthy nails. Plus, the drug are essential oils of tea tree, and is a great antiseptic and powerful antifungal agent. And, of course, antifungal tablets, without them not to manage, especially if the fungus is fast-growing, covering a large area. The most effective and proven products:

  • Fluconazole,
  • Mycosyst,
  • Itraconazole,
  • Lamisil,
  • Terbisil.

Plus, go into the complex and ointments, for example, Terbisil, lamisil, Fungoterbin.