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Treatment of the yeast fungus in women and men

There is a perception that yeast fungus, appearing on the genitals and nail records, not brings harm and danger to the human organism, takes place independently and does not require any special treatment. However, it is not so, advanced forms of yeast-like fungi can contribute to thrush, so you need as early as possible to start treatment at the first signs of the disease. but in the phase of latent and dangerous. However, as a result of activity that develops at certain coincidence of circumstances, a woman comes to serious disease. Yeast fungus can be transmitted during pregnancy, in-utero baby, for this reason, while wearing the child needs to undergo a full body examination for the presence of fungal diseases. Externally, the presence of yeast-like fungi is not manifested in any way and without laboratory tests to identify it is difficult. However, at the time of the weakening of the body and lower immunity can begin to develop thrush as a result of activation of fungi. Thrush is common in people of any age and gender, but in women the disease appears more often in connection with the special structure of the genitourinary system and the female genital organs. The growth of the yeast starts when there is a change of the acidic environment in the vagina due to the use of antimicrobials, which kill not only harmful, but beneficial viruses, including birth control. In men, the disease has almost no symptoms. When complications of the disease is yeast fungus can spread to the area of the bowel, other internal organs and the skin surface.

Symptoms of yeast-like fungi

Appearance of yeast-like fungi can calculate at the first sign of symptoms of thrush. The presence of this disease can be proved by the following points:

  • Education torontobased white discharge which is accompanied by a sour smell.
  • Including on the mucosal surface appear soreness, itching and swelling.
  • When yeast fungus grows in the skin of the genital organs, there is hyperemia of the affected areas, in the folds appears whitish film and there is a constant itching.
  • If the fungus infects the oral cavity, there is pain and there is a strong reddening of the skin, the gums are covered with a white coating and the formation of boundary cracks in the mucous membrane of the tooth.

The appearance of the above symptoms, you must consult a doctor to pinpoint the disease. Until you find out the exact diagnosis, to self-medicate to resort is not necessary, as the disease may be more serious.

The appearance of the yeast fungus in women

Yeast fungus can occur in every woman.It multiplies, usually in the genitals. Many women find the symptoms of the disease, not in a hurry to be treated, considering that the fungus is able to pass. However, doctors recommend time to pay attention to the appearance of yeast and be sure to take the necessary remedial action, as otherwise it can spread on a large surface of the skin and lead to candidal sepsis. Plus, After washing or hydrating the skin of the sexual organ should be wiped dry. It is important to abandon the use of aromatic substances for skin care, as they can irritate the skin and provoke the appearance of thrush. You need to carefully look not only for the affected areas of the skin but also for healthy skin, so that the fungi have settled in other areas. It is recommended to wear pure cotton loose underwear that allows you to blow fresh air and keep dry the sexual organ. Including you need time to go to the doctor to figure out an accurate diagnosis and not to self-medicate. It may be that the lesion on the skin is not connected in thrush, caused by diabetes or a bacterial infection of the skin.

Diagnosis of the yeast fungus in men medical conditions

In the result of the treatment performed by the doctor anonymous diagnose thrush by examination of skin lesions. In-depth diagnosis is carried out if the treatment did not help to get rid of the fungus. Specialist takes on the analysis of a piece of diseased tissue, which is examined in the laboratory for the presence of yeast-like fungi. Also, the patient passes blood and urine tests to ascertain the full picture of the disease. If the doctor can find the causes of recurrent disease, should undergo a study partner for sexual relationship, as it can be a source of yeast-like fungi, without knowing it. In any case, if you have a permanent sexual partner must be treated for both.

Methods of treatment of thrush in men

The main remedy against fungi are special ointments that destroy fungal cells. Drugs Clotrimazole, Econazole, Ketoconazole, Miconazole can be purchased in any drugstore without a prescription. With the choice of a particular drug is better to consult your doctor or pharmacist. The above drugs can cause itching and burning in the outcome of their application if skin is very sensitive. If this occurs, experts recommend to additionally use the drug, which contains corticosteroids. These substances are able to relieve irritation and stop itching. When runningstatus displays the body of all harmful fungi. Including a similar therapeutic effect have plants such as chamomile and St. John's wort. If the disease is only beginning to develop, will help the lemon juice that gets squeezed out of a few lemons and mix it with Cup boiling water. The resulting solution is made by daily treatment of the vagina. If there is a burning sensation in the solution should be added to water. Interesting will be information about the treatment of fungus in the mouth, which also relates to the yeast type. Used to treat and dairy products. The cotton wool soaked in yogurt, is placed in the vagina and left overnight. After the affected skin must be treated. Also get rid of yeast-like fungi with the help of the honey, which is diluted in a large amount of water in a 1 to 10 ratio and the resulting liquid is smeared on the affected area with fleece. Need to mix fir oil and cocoa butter in a ratio of 1 to 10, pour into pots, and bring to a boil. The cotton wool moistened with cooled solution and left in the vagina overnight. In the morning you must treat the affected areas and carefully wipe the remaining oil. Used to treat including copper sulphate which is dissolved with hot water after and dilute with plenty of warm water. Solution of exercise every day douching or hygiene problem.

Methods of prevention of yeast-like fungi

To yeast fungus has not appeared in the body, it is important to observe good personal hygiene, follow proper and healthy nutrition, strengthen the immune system and take care of your health. At tendency to corpulence is to refuse from eating sugar, not to overeat and to monitor your body. You should only wear loose dry clothing made of natural fabrics and to abandon tight clothes. It is better to refuse from casual sex or use protection. When used during sex lubricants is desirable to use only those tools that dissolve in water, so as not to cause an allergic reaction on the genitals.