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Fluconazole fungus nail: used in the treatment of

Nail fungus and cause the carriers of this infection, considerable inconvenience and discomfort. The reason is not only unpleasant and painful a disease, but a cosmetic defect that is noticeable to others.

Have defects to hide under clothing or makeup that is not always helpful for the nail plate. To quickly, effectively and safely get rid of infectious diseases, it is important to choose a drug that is able to penetrate the layer under the nail and kill fungi.

Today in the pharmacy there, and sold many modern drugs in the form of ointment, solution, capsules and tablets. External tools are able to assist only in the initial stage of fungal disease. More This tool not only eliminates external signs of fungal infection, but cures the disease at an advanced stage, when the nails have become nasty because of the defeat.

Fluconazole is used once per week for 150 milligrams in pill form. Possibly including intravenous solution. During this period the main active ingredients have the desired impact. It is important to understand that the treatment, depending of neglect, can last for several months. After six months of treatment the doctor assesses the General condition of the nails and reports whether you need further treatment.

Recommendations for use of the drug

Fluconazole available in the form of tablets, capsules and suspensions. This is a fairly cheap drug Russian production, which costs 15-30 rubles. Thus the use of it within six months, will cost about 400 rubles.

To get full information about the drug and find out how it suits you, you need to learn opinions about the Fluconazole forums on the Internet. According to many who previously used the drug, it is convenient because it is applied once a week, then you only need to put a reminder for your next dose of the drug.

This system of medication does not harm the digestive system and overall beneficial effect on health. Thus, fluconazole is able to replace many drugs are not recommended for admission to people with acute illness.

Many women say that the use of this drug leads to the disappearance of symptoms of thrush. This is due to the action of drug components on obesity, which causes in the treatment does not need to increase or decrease the dose, wanting to strengthen the effectiveness of the drug. The dose usually depends on the type of disease, so before applying you should consult with your doctor. The tablets should be taken with a glass of water.

Fluconazole forcure fungal nail diseases should be applied until then, until the infection is completely leaves the body.

As a rule, the treatment lasts for one and a half years, with healthy nails find six months later. After the bed of the nail is restored, treatment should be continued. Otherwise, the fungus can recover their activity after the drug is released from the body and wears off.

You also can not interrupt treatment, since frequent breaks fungi adapt and become resistant to medication. The missed dose should not be taken before the witness dose not to cause overdose.

To increase the effectiveness of treatment, medication should be combined with external use antifungal agents – ointments, creams, solutions and so on.

Before treatment, the nails hold a few minutes in soap-soda bath, after using a special sharp objects and remove the top layer of the nail plate, cover with antifungal.

This process is used for a long time. Also effective are medical varnishes, which after processing nail plates are applied to the nails.

To avoid re-infection with fungus, you should handle antimicrobial agent shoes from the inside. When visiting the baths, saunas, swimming pools, it is important to always wear a rubber slates. In particular, you cannot use someone else's shoes even in house, better to bring Slippers or walk in socks.

Contraindications and side effects

Fluconazole is the drug is contraindicated to people with hypersensitivity to the drug, pregnant and nursing women and children up to four years.

With caution should take the drug those who have kidney or liver failure, alcoholism, heart problems, and also people of the host in parallel to any drugs that cause arrhythmia.

In applying the drug is possible loss of appetite, flatulence, diarrhea, nausea. Can occur headache, dizziness and fatigue.

On the skin in some cases may appear rash, therefore, before use of the drug should be monitored for allergic reactions. Incidentally, with regard to allergies, then you must know its major symptoms, Allergy symptoms, appearance and treatments to be ready when the first rash.

Fluconazole – plus in the treatment of

  • The main advantages of the drug for the treatment of fungal diseases:
  • Severe side effects from the use of the drug available.
  • The drug has a minimum number of contraindications.
  • The system of the drug is very convenient forregular use.
  • The dose can be adjusted based on the patient's age and the presence of any disease.
  • The product eliminates fungal infections of the feet and hands.
  • The drug has a low cost compared to similar drugs.
  • The drug is sold in any pharmacy.

Fluconazole can be used at any time of the day, regardless of the meal. This drug is widely used for the treatment of fungal infections on nails in children. However, it is necessary to adhere strictly to the dosage and to follow the mode of the medication. Otherwise overdose may cause convulsions and hallucinations.

If properly and regularly use fluconazole, fungus will disappear quickly as nails, and internal organs.