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Herpes: basic information about the virus

The causative agent of Herpes is the herpes simplex virus, which is diagnosed in more than 90% of the planet's inhabitants.

According to statistics, the 18th anniversary almost every person is already infected with multiple strains of the virus, including 1 and type 2 virus and the virus Epsteinbarr, cytomegalovirus, herpes virus 6 and 8 types.

The main danger of viral diseases that it can years to be in the human body, it is not appearing and leaking in a hidden, latent form. And is the human immune system to decline, as the virus instantly out of a kind of hibernation and starts the attack. Most frequently the lesions of herpes susceptible to skin, eyes, genitals.


The infection always comes from the media, the person from whom the virus is on the epithelium of mucous membranes. Certain types of the herpes virus gets to the person through certain types of contacts.

The most common continues to be sexual transmission, so transferred the virus type 2, and when onlinegeneral sexual contact transmitted virus of the 1st type. In addition, the herpes virus is able to penetrate through contamination of domestic, in this case, it's not only damaged the skin, but, using some everyday objects, towels.

Lives, after being hit in the body herpes in the nerve cells where it is introduced into the cell nucleus and gives it a new code. Thus begins its spread, which increases with the weakening of the immune system, and at this point, a critical mass of higher than normal, and we see the skin manifestations, characteristic herpes lesions.

The replication of the virus

The herpes virus is always propagated in the cell nucleus that it strikes. After the introduction of the virus begins to actively use the components of cells, dominating all processes in the cell, herpes causes it to produce substances necessary for the further development and growth.

Once infection occurs, the virus begins to create a new protein compounds in two hours and a critical maximum is reached after 8 hours. The fastest virus produce new virions, localizes in blood and lymph nodes.


Mostly the virus the Lesion may be localized in the oral cavity, causing sores or gingivit, in the lungs, the virus causes bronchopneumonia, localizes in the bodies of Lora, herpes leads to the beginning of laryngitis, herpetic angina, sometimes you can see sudden loss of hearing. Localizes in the heart, causing myocarditis, is one of the mechanisms for the beginning of atherosclerosis.

Especially large problems causes herpes in the genital system. In men this translates in the inflammation of the prostate gland at the beginning of the urethritis, in addition, herpes can reduceactivity of sperm.

In women herpes leads to vaginitis, endometritis, violations of reproductive functions, often found in HSV — infection that is caused by just a virus.


The herpes virus refers to those diseases, from which there is no medication that is completely destroy herpes is not yet possible. There are only medications that are intended to slow and inhibit the reproduction of herpes.

Skin rashes are subjected to local treatment with creams and ointments are sometimes prescribed oral antiviral drugs.