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Fungus head: the photo on the skin and hair

If the hair begins to thin and fall out, scalp itching – you should pay attention to it and to take the necessary measures, as all this may be a manifestation of the presence of the fungus head.

Despite the fact that the disease is not dangerous to health, the outward signs of its manifestations can scare off others. Therefore, when the first signs of the disease should consult a doctor and get tested, otherwise a component of cosmetic appearance will continue to deteriorate.

Signs of fungus of the scalp

When there is disease of the skin on the head appearance of hair changes dramatically for the worse. Hair:

  • untidy,
  • dim
  • rare
  • break
  • Assosiate and fall out.

Including apparent symptom is the formation of fungus is the appearance of oily and dry dandruff on the head.

The fungus may cause scalp itching, redness and on the head appear pink plaques are round or oval, surrounded by small yellowish or grayish scales. In some cases, the hairline appear purulent formations in the form of inflammation.

Note that the deep form of the disease leads to swelling, is framed by a red or blue outline. In their place, can form small blisters and scabs, under which pus collects.

During exacerbation of trichophytosis person feels unwell, the skin forms a rash, lymph nodes slightly swollen, deformed nail plate.

In the countries of Asia and the Middle East can meet this kind of fungus as favus or scab. The skin form yellowish crusts, if they are not treated, they grow strongly.

Hair in place of formation of the lesion atrophies, the hair falls out and thinning which leads to baldness. In addition, it will be useful, including treatment external antifungal drugs, which include special ointments, salves and shampoos against the fungus, too bad, Mycosoral, Keto Plus, and Nizoral.

For the treatment of microscopy is assigned ointment Termikon or Terbisil. The drug is applied to the manifestations of fungal diseases twice a day and gently pounded. Apply the cream or ointment should be two to four weeks. Including issued a drug griseofulvin, take in four times daily during the meal. For effective assimilation, along with the medication you need to take a teaspoon of sunflower oil. The treatment is carried out within two months.

For the treatment trihofitii used similar drugs. Also considered to be an effective means of ointment microspores, which are applied once a day for two weeks. In the treatment of chronicdiseases apply the method of Arievich, which allows detachment of the stratum corneum. In General, you always need to be aware of the resulting solution lubricated the affected areas of the scalp, after the head is wrapped in foil or cellophane cap, and the solution is kept on the head for hours. After a while the head thoroughly washed with shampoo and rinsed with a solution of two tablespoons of vinegar diluted in a liter of water.

Including excellent packs from the root of celandine. With this purpose, 300 grams of crushed roots thoroughly and poured half a liter of vodka. The Bank needs to put in a dark place and infuse for weeks. After the resulting solution is shaken, filtered and make a compress-based tinctures.