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The fungus on the head of the penis

Despite the fact that the fungus on the head of the penis is a common disease, its cause is not always infection, and its occurrence does not mean that it was transmitted through sexual contact.

Quite often, the appearance of the fungus on the head of the penis just says that there was a serious failure of the immune system and protect the body weak. Usually caused by a fungus of mycotic spores of the genus Candida and is a common fungus and it is present in the microflora of each person. Active engagement occurs with a decrease in immunity.

The reasons for the development

The fungus on the head of the penis, or how it even can be called — Candidal balanoposthitis, a yeast infection develops in that case if the outer layers of skin to penetrate the yeast-like fungi of the Candida family.

There are several types of fungus Candida, most often the infection occurs due to Candida albicans. However, modern medicine has revealed that a growing number of cases of fungus on the member that originally caused by Candida nonalbicans, and more specifically, the fungus Candida glabrata.

It is worth noting that thanks to the family of nonalbicans Candida in men after fungus the foreskin begins to develop candidal balanoposthitis. Very often this disease can be diagnosed in men with diabetes. And just here converge several risk factors, and this lowered immunity, and problems with metabolism.

The main distinguishing feature of Candida nonalbicans we can assume that they never form a distinctive fungal filaments or pseudomycelium. Thus, during examination under light microscopy them impossible to detect.

Another distinctive feature is the fact that this fungus is the most resistant to the majority protivodiabeticheskih drugs. in addition to the head, the fungus can be on the body of the penis, and this is the most In any case, you need to understand that failure to comply with the rules of hygiene, the head of the penis accumulates environment that will be just perfect for the development of pathogenic fungus.

There is another cause that leads to growth of fungus on the tip of my penis, and it is related to using medications and drugs that can have adverse effects on the immune system. As a rule, these antibiotics, after the course which is always significantly reduced immune protection.

Peculiarities of treatment of fungus on the head

First and foremost, doctors are advised to review the diet, as one of the factors of active reproduction of the fungus on the penis is a high blood sugar. Accordingly, the food should, if possible, to remove sweets and foods high in glucose.

Since this fungus can cause the patientdiscomfort in the form of itching or burning, it is recommended not just to strengthen hygiene measures, but also to use water with a solution of potassium permanganate or furatsilina, it is sometimes possible to replace these drugs and simple baking soda. You can use antihistamines, as it is Important that at the time of treatment will be required to withdraw from sex unprotected type, since the fungus is easily transmitted through sexual partner regardless of the chosen sex.

An obligatory condition is the necessity of treatment of both sexual partners, because without this, the risk of infection remains high redder.

And yet, some types of fungus can eventually develop its own resistance to antifungal drugs, so doctors always recommend the course of treatment fully, and not to stop it at the first signs of improvement.

Drugs for treating fungus on the penis

If fungus on the penis is in an early stage of development, it can be treated with simple drugs for external use.

Primarily used ointment with antifungal components. Note that most doctors prescribe the following ointment:

  1. Clotrimazole.
  2. Miconazole.
  3. Natamycin.
  4. The isoconazole.

If the fungus has already moved into the phase of complication or chronically appears, marked by frequent recurrent rash, recommended for the local treatment of to apply medicines oral persuasion.

Most commonly used pills of fluconazole, you can use the drug and in capsules. If the fungus is severe, the treatment lasts up to 4 weeks.