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How to get rid of fungus on toenails fast: reviews

Absolutely all fungal human diseases have an infectious origin, and are caused by pathogenic fungi. Most often, fungal diseases prone skin and the nail plate. Infection occurs through contact with an infected carrier of a fungal infection. With regard to contamination of fungus on the nails, it is a domestic way, through contact with shoes or household items of an infected person.

In addition, the high risk of infection exists in swimming pools and sports halls, in places where is high humidity and high temperature, creating excellent conditions for life and propagation of the fungus.

It is in these public areas is most likely to get infected with nail fungus. learn more about the infection and the reasons described in the article devoted not only to symptomatology and treatment, but the Fungus is an incredibly resilient organism. So in order to destroy the fungal growth in the infected Shoe 1% solution of formalin should be at least 20 minutes. At the same time for elimination of fungus solution of chlorine bleach will need 40 minutes. and this attitude is very interesting, However, and treatment in this direction will be quite long and can last up to 12 months. At the same time, to improve the cosmetic perception nail over treatment nail Polish can cause a simple manicure.

The removal of the affected nail

Another option of combating nail fungus involves a complete and painless removal of the nail plate. Immediately it should be noted that this type drugs are not considered to be medical, they are simply an alternative to surgical treatment. Such drugs include:

  • Nogteva.
  • Multimill

In its composition the main components is:

  • Essential Terbisil
  • Ativan
  • Activin
  • Fungoterbin
  • Econorm.

Confirmation of cure

If the treatment was carried out effectively and in full, and the symptoms and signs of mycosis eventually completely disappear. Direct confirmation of this is to replace the nail tissue at the site of the lesion there is a healthy nail. In order to be sure that the athlete's foot completely destroyed, you will need to conduct laboratory analysis, which takes place two weeks after treatment, then again after a month. If both results are negative, then you can be sure that the fungal infection is defeated.

In rare cases, fungus can produce redness, peeling. All of this suggests that the body manifests an allergic reaction to various medications. The fungus itself can be completely cured.

Therefore, during the course of treatment doctors recommend to take a scraping, and if the fungus is not detected,to discontinue the course, not to bring the skin to an allergic reaction.in the light of all this information, useful article about psoriasis of nails that will show the fungus on the other hand.


Infection occurs through contact of nails with fungus but is to say that if human immunity is at a high level, then he or she can resist infection. Otherwise, athlete's foot is not just spreading rapidly through the body and strikes the nail, but with him and fight much harder. In order to lead a proper prophylaxis it is enough to observe simple rules:

  • At the beach is better to wear shoes, often waiting for nail fungus in the sand.
  • In public areas, saunas, baths, pools, it is best to wear closed rubber Slippers.
  • Naturally you need every day to change socks.
  • In any case it is not necessary to wear someone else's shoes.