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Fungus under arms: treatment armpits photos underarm

Most people in life have contact with the fungus, which is incredibly common and also quite easily transmitted from person to person. The reasons for its formation and course of the disease is known not to all, but because we take the trouble to reveal the essence of the disease. Let's talk today about the mycosis, which is located under the arms.

Once we define that the fungus belongs to the lower organisms, which have incredible survivability. Athlete's foot is able to adapt to almost any environment, while he continues on the nails and on the skin under the hair.

Infected with fungus can everyone, but you can highlight a kind of risk:

  • Patients with weakened immune systems.
  • Patients with various injuries to the skin.
  • People with excessive sweating.
  • Patients with vitamin deficiency.
  • Patients with immunodeficiency. To understand, regardless of where it occurs the fungus, it is almost the same subjective sensations. These include peeling of the skin and the appearance on it of a white plaque, which outwardly resembles flour.

    The skin may develop a crack, which is always accompanied by pain. Appear rash and itching.

    With regard to the environment for reproduction and dissemination of the fungus, the fungal infections prefer warm and moist environment. That is why the development of the fungus under the arms is always directly connected with the insufficient level of hygiene.

    Pay attention to the fact that wearing synthetic clothes as leads. The body sweats. Here is an interesting point, because people who have an accelerated metabolism, as a result of active lifestyle, have to pay more attention to the hygiene of the armpits.

    Simple trauma to the skin, another reason for the occurrence of the fungus, and it may be a cut from shaving armpits or simple scratching, sometimes this is enough to populate a fungal infection.

    Simply pick up the fungus in a public pool and bath, sauna, this is a great environment for the existence of athlete's foot, and here you get and as under the arms, there is always sweating, and the smell of sweat can often hide the smell the formation of mildew.

    In order to accurately diagnose enough to pass the smear of sweat, and laboratory test will give all the information.

    Features of emergence

    As for the normal development of the fungus under arms need certain conditions, you will note that most fungal growth develops on the background of stress. Stress causes excessive sweating under the arms. And this is the most favorable environment for the development of mycosis.

    Let's define that in addition to stressleads to profuse sweating, and as a result, the spread of the fungus:

    • Hormonal failure. Can be caused by age-related changes, that is to take place during the Fungus under arms always leads to lot of discomfort. First, being in the constant warmth and moisture, it develops a very high quality, and therefore very quickly begin to spread across the skin within the armpit.

      Plus this fungus is accompanied by itching and patients often his comb, but it's another point for the spread of infection.

      From the point of view of the use of drugs against fungus, treatment here is a little different from therapy in other areas of the skin.

      Also used basic protivodiabeticheskie funds, which can be divided into two types:

      • Creams, sprays.
      • Pills.

      However, it is worth saying that in the fight the fungus under the arms is necessary initially to treat hyperhidrosis, treatment of fungus is virtually impossible to conduct.

      In place of the treatment can be used:

      1. Lamisil
      2. Terbinafine
      3. Terbisil
      4. Ativan
      5. Activin
      6. Fungoterbin
      7. Econorm.

      At the same time, if the disease is already running, you can use an integrated approach which makes use of and tablets, for example:

      • Fluconazole.
      • Ketoconazole.
      • Itraconazol.
      • Terbinafine.
      • Fungoterbin.


      Prevention of the disease is strictly aimed at using all the levers for lifting immunity. This can be an additional vitamin, healthy habits, exercise, all methods that can help in raising the immunity is good.

      And it is necessary to reduce sweating of the armpits. How less sweat will stand out in these areas depends on how well the prevention of fungal infection, and this applies to any type of fungus on nails and toes.