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Fungus of the perineum in men and women

The fungus in the crotch area is a infectious disease that occurs quite often in men and in women in the hips, buttocks and genitals.

In medicine this disease is called the Main symptom of skin lesions in the genital area and groin is itching and burning, which gradually increase and become more painful. Men often feel itching in the hips and groin, on the penis burning sensation is much less common.

After a while on the spot itch forms a red or brown rash that spreads over the skin ring-shaped areas, it is important to diagnose the problem correctly and not to confuse it with herpes, and this toenail fungus Treatment in the region of the perineum can be performed at home using an antifungal ointment. As an additional way to cure the doctor prescribes an antihistamine. Including fungal diseases in the early stages can be cured-tested traditional methods.

Medical ointment that is prescribed for the treatment of fungus that contains terbinafine, miconazole and clotrimazole. Most often for getting rid of fungal infections prescribe the medications "When" and "Mikozolon".

You must follow all the rules of the drug specified in the instructions, and to observe the rules of personal hygiene, regularly wash affected areas with soap and the time to replace underwear. The duration of treatment fungal infections with ointments, usually up to two weeks.

For relief of itching and burning sensation on the skin by the doctor are used antihistamines, including "Suprastin", "Diphenhydramine, Pipolfen" and "Pain".

Advanced fungus treatment groin area in the home is carried out using special tinctures that can be purchased at any pharmacy.

  • For washing the skin surface applies a 10% solution of calcium chloride.
  • A solution of 0.25% solution of silver nitrate and 1% of resorcinol are lotions on the affected skin.
  • During the week, the person is treated alcoholic solution of iodine, after over three weeks of which are iodine compresses sulfur-tar ointment. In parallel, the skin is treated with antifungal ointment.
  • Liquid Burov, which has produced the acetate of aluminum, is diluted in water in a ratio of 1 to 20 (one tablespoon to one glass of water) and placed on the skin in the form of compresses.

In women fungal infection is treated similarly, as men. All of the above methods are also suitable for the treatment of female perineum. However, due to some peculiarities of the female body must undergo additional screening atgynecologist.

In particular, it is necessary to find out whether did not develop fungal disease in vaginal mycosis, as in this case, you need a totally different treatment, or the disease days. The resulting solution was processed in the affected skin, until the disease is completely gone.

For herbal lotions applied oak bark, yarrow or flax seeds. Fifty grams of any plant is poured with one liter of hot water. The skin is treated with zinc ointment or Rotokan" and then making lotions created from herbal solution.

Another effective means of getting rid of fungus is wiping the infected areas of the skin with tincture of herbs. To prepare the tincture take 20 grams of eucalyptus, 15 grams of cranberry leaves, 15 grams yarrow 10 grams leaves of St. John's wort and 5 grams of chamomile flowers.

Including fungus, will help relieve the compress of garlic and radish. The roots are thoroughly comminuted and mixed to form a slurry, the resulting mixture is applied on the affected skin.

Prevention of fungal diseases

Not to catch a fungal infection, it is necessary not to forget about personal hygiene.

  • It is important to ensure that the groin area is always dry and clean.
  • After visiting the gym or doing any physical exercise must take a shower.
  • You should not use the common things, need to have your own towel, soap and other personal hygiene products that are not transmitted to others.
  • You need time to change and keep clean and dry underwear. It is desirable to use underwear made from natural fabrics and to abandon artificial materials.
  • When visiting public saunas, baths and showers need to use rubber slate and use a personal towel before sitting down on the bench.
  • To deal with sweating, you should follow certain diets and use deodorant.
  • If the apartment is a carrier of infection, which there are signs of fungal disease, it is necessary to conduct the treatment and disinfection of things used by the patient, clothing, furniture and surrounding areas.