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Foot fungus: the main symptoms and treatment of the disease

Foot fungus is one of the most frequent varieties of fungus on human skin. Symptoms of fungus on feet is dryness of the skin, itchy irritation

First, the occurrence of athlete's foot associated with activation of pathogenic fungi. Is fungi and dermatophytes, which falling on the skin, leading to disease. The appearance of the fungus occurs sooner or later, and that's a fact.

In principle, pathogenic fungi colonize our skin from birth, but provoke their active activities of some factors.

As a rule, the infection occurs in a public place, it could be a Shoe store, where they often measure shoes, pool, beach, bath. In addition, you need to get in a pedicure salon, with insufficient degree of disinfection, and the appearance of the fungus is guaranteed.

Another factor, which involves the activation of the foot fungus is a simple trauma to the skin, it enables disputes to penetrate the layers of the skin and begin to grow.

Here it is worth mentioning disorders of blood circulation, chronic ailments, and, of course, about the reduction of immune protection.

Moist environment ideal for the growth of fungus in the foot, therefore at risk all who have observed sweating.

Children's foot fungus is practically absent for two reasons:

  • In the sweat of the child is present the acid reaction, and it is like death for fungus;
  • The replacement of the skin occurs much faster than in an adult, and it just gives time for the fungus to gain a foothold and develop in the skin.

Symptoms of foot fungus

Unfortunately, the majority of patients with a high degree of frivolity perceive the first symptoms of athlete's foot. Well, when the fungus grows to obscene proportions, to fight him is much harder.

Highlight the main symptoms of foot fungus:

  • Squamous form. The skin starts to peel off on the sides of the feet. However, no feelings no, the only external indicators;
  • Squamous gipertroficescoy form. Mukovidnoe peeling starts in the folds of skin on the sole of the foot skin thickens. Beginning to show cracks that are painful and cause severe itching;
  • Intertriginous form. Characterized by the appearance of redness of the feet with small cracks, usually between the toes. All this is accompanied by painful sensations and itching, sometimes it can be severe burning;
  • Disgidroticheskaya form. Appears as a rash of small blisters on the feet,filled with transparent liquid. If the process goes away and the inflammation begins to affect the skin, the possible delamination sites cover with pronounced erosion. Itching, burning, not only painful symptoms that can be observed and a temperature rise.

How to treat foot fungus?

The more running foot fungus and its symptoms the more power you will have to spend for his treatment. This is a completely accurate axiom, which works accurately in each particular case.

And the relative failures of the treatment, as a rule, are not associated with the error of the doctor or the wrong drug, and violation of the patient's course of treatment. First and foremost it's about the fact that most patients simply do not bring the treatment to the end, skipping or ignoring its integrity.

The fact that even after the fungus treatment, the skin will have to be treated with special creams for at least two weeks.

To assign a course of treatment, the doctor conducts a complete mycological analysis and on the basis thereof are appointed and medicines, and the intensity of their admission.

Most interesting is that any effort to cure foot fungus, you can immediately reduced to zero even once not disinfect the shoes, changing socks and anyway, deviating from elementary standards of hygiene.

For the treatment of foot fungus, you can use a special grinding mills which are in clinics. And at home it is necessary every few days to gently get rid of the affected skin after the treatment feet soap-soda solution.

It is important not to start the fungus in the feet, because, despite the apparent safety of the athlete, it is not just the unpleasant smell of the feet, but also in itching, pain. But the main thing is, and the fact that the livelihoods of foot fungus may lead to the development of allergies, which will lead to hives, eczema, dermatitis. In some cases, the fungus is able to lead to bronchial asthma. So, as can be seen from the development and complications of athlete's foot, start the disease in any case not worth it.

The right decision, it's instant reaction to the occurrence of athlete's foot, as foot fungus treatment will be successful, and most importantly will not trigger adverse reactions and the development of other diseases.