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Treatment of fungus in the throat: photo respiratory

The main fungal infections or fungal human disease were discovered scientific medicine in the nineteenth century, when it became possible to identify various bacteria and viruses that affect human health.

However, it is now the fungus received its most widespread distribution. In the first place because of its frequent use in modern times as a treatment of antibiotics, the incidence of fungi increased many times over. Antibiotics not only treat the underlying disease, but also reduce immunity, namely the decline of protective functions of the organism and leads to activation of the fungal infection and its further spread. And this applies to scientific medicine Candida is divided into eight subspecies, four of which have the highest activity and treated quite difficult.

The most frequent among fungi, affecting the mucous membranes of the throat, occur Candida albicans. This type of fungi is found in women or men who abuse tobacco. The fungus Candida tropicalis is very rare and is prevalent in warm countries. Candida parapsilosis is most often affects children, and Candida glabrata dominated in the body people age.

In rare cases, among mycotic lesions distinguish actinomycosis or leptotrichia. Lose nasopharyngeal region leptotrichia is accompanied by the appearance in the throat of the dense formations in the form of studs gray or yellowish. During the actinomycosis of the mucous membrane of the throat formed dense nodular infiltrates of dark red color.

Many of the fungi can stay in the human body from birth and while it does not show itself. The formation of fungal infections begins with a significant weakening of the body, reducing immunity, any serious disease, which can disrupt the natural metabolism and have a negative impact on the body.

The reasons for the development of fungal diseases of the throat

Faringomikoz can develop in the throat due to the presence of diseases such as:

  • diabetes,
  • disease of the circulatory system
  • disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • In children, the fungus may appear as a result of intestinal dysbiosis.
  • If there is insufficient in the body of the child milk or bifidobacteria has an acute shortage of vitamin b, which leads to the fact that the fungus is formed not only in the intestine, but the mucosa of the throat.
  • Including the fungus can develop because of long reception of antibiotics or other heavy drugs.
  • However, the main reason provoking activity of fungi is the disruption of the immune system and, as a consequence, a sharp decline in immunity.

Often on the palatal surface, a white fungus Candida, which causes formation in the oral cavity stomatitis.Subsequently, the fungus gets into your throat and multiplies in the throat. This disease mainly occurs in children, especially wearing dentures.

Signs of fungal diseases

Signs of the mucous membrane fungal infections depend on the type of fungus, so without the help of doctors to determine the type of fungal growth will be difficult. At the same time the throat may be dangerous for health, so it is necessary to seek medical help before you start self-treatment.

Often the formation of fungus may be unnoticed. In some cases, the person begins to feel that it interferes with something in the back of the mouth, and this medication containing fluconazole and amphotericin b will allow you to cure the infection that settled in hard to reach places.

Folk remedies for the medicine is used only as additional measures of getting rid of fungi. This throat rinse infusions of herbs Golden mustache, celandine, garlic. Relieve pain and fight infection help decoction of calendula, chamomile and sage. However, information on innovative treatment of foot fungus, for example, can be interesting and useful.

Also nose buried in a special blend of lemon juice and juice of the Golden mustache. The composition is prepared as follows: into a glass of water squeeze half lemon, add half a teaspoon of the juice of the Golden mustache and carefully stir. This composition helps to break down the formation of mildew in the nasopharynx and mouth. Additionally, the throat is useful to lubricate the sea buckthorn oil or aevitum.

Initially, getting rid of the fungi in the throat is carried out using local therapy. If this option does not help and the disease continues, the system applies a powerful therapy.