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The fungus is in intimate areas treatment for men and women

Fungal lesions in the intimate area are fairly common, and they are well studied medicine.

This skin disorder very often occurs in people living in warm climates, and in cold regions with high humidity. Fungus in the intimate area is a ringworm that aktiviziruyutsya fungi Trichophyton rubrum, Epidermophyton floccosum and Trichophyton mentagrophytes.

Localization of fungal infections in intimate areas

The fungus likes to appear on:

  • The skin of the buttocks, thighs, in the genitals.
  • Most often it is formed in places where high humidity is maintained.
  • Often the fungus formed on some fat people with excessive sweating.
  • This disease can appear in people with disorders in the endocrine system, the immune system, as well as those who suffer from vitamin deficiency, diabetes and reduced.

If the person already has a fungal disease, that is, it fungus may spread to the groin. In this case we can speak about the domestic spread of mycosis and its final localization in the intimate area.

In common this disease is referred to as Jock itching, and also called the inguinal fungus. If it is not timely treated, it can persist in the body for many years.

And we must understand that he himself is the incubation period lasts for months, plus when the immune lowering fungus aktiviziruyutsya, and can evolve into a chronic disease.

Ways of infection

Getting infected by this fungus through sexual contact, and through personal hygiene items and other items used by a carrier of the fungus. It is important to define exactly what is fungus, not In places itching after some time formed a relief small rash round or annular shape. On the border of the affected area and pop the bubbles, and she has a rash of red or brownish tint. Healthy skin near the lesion takes on a reddish hue. The affected skin becomes dry, starts to crack and peel. Just Before use this product should wash hands with soap and skin surface that will be exposed to treatment.

During treatment it is important to regularly replace the bottom and bed linen. If the fungus has also been observed in other parts of the skin except the intimate areas, it is important to treat them simultaneously so that the infection could not spread.

Treatment ointments should be carried out for two to three weeks, depending on the condition of the body. The improvement has to come in a few days. If after two weeks no changes are observed, it is necessary to consult a dermatologist to reverse the way of treatment and prescribed a different drug.

In addition to the ointments, the doctor may prescribe the application of compressesliquid Burova.

Preventive measures against the fungus

From this disease no one is immune, it is necessary to remember about personal hygiene when visiting public baths, saunas, showers, sun decks and other common areas. This also applies to women who suffer from chafing in the groin.

Be sure to wear rubber shower shoes, personal towels and after training immediately wash sports clothes, do not postpone. In particular, it is important to always keep clean and dryness of the intimate area and also to monitor the dryness of underwear. Underwear is recommended to wear natural materials and casual.