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Candida fungus: main causes and treatment of the disease

Candidiasis is among the most common infectious diseases and among any age of patients. The causative agent of the disease is the fungus Candida.

With regard to candidiasis a base the assertion that the disease is easier to prevent in the initial stages than to cure when it reaches its climax.

Causes of candidiasis

  • General decrease in the immunity level and existing infectious disease;
  • Excessive consumption of antibiotics;
  • Stress, overwork, depression;
  • Hormonal fluctuations during menstruation;
  • Abuse of caffeine, nicotine, alcohol.

All the above factors contribute to the enhanced proliferation of the fungus Candida, and the development of candidiasis.

It is important to understand that the presence of candidiasis, the body will not be able to cope with the infection, if exhausted. The same negative factors include diabetes, any cancer problems, nervous condition.

Humidity, especially at constant contact, for example, in the workplace, and high temperatures are also highly suitable environment for rapid growth of Candida.


The fungus Candida is manifested in different ways in men and women, this should explain the symptoms for each sex separately.


First and foremost is the itching at the area of the genitals, it is also possible burning sensation. Possible discharge white vaginal discharge with a consistency resembling cottage cheese. Patients complain of pain during intercourse and urination.


The main symptom in men is redness and rash on the penis. The head is covered with bubbles. All this may be accompanied by itching, crazing and a touch of white color.

  • in the area of the head and the foreskin formed small papules and vesicles that burn and itch;
  • inflammation of the head of the penis of redness;
  • cheesy coating on the member;
  • observed pain during sex and urination.

Candidiasis is the cause of plaque on the oral mucosa. In patients with weak immunity, the disease can advance to the skin and internal organs. Fungus can be transmitted from mother to child during pregnancy.

Treatment of candidiasis

The treatment always consists of taking the necessary antibiotics and medicines that are designed to reduce the level of activity of the fungus Candida to a level harmless to the body.

The most important factor in the treatment of Candida is the systematic observance of rules of diet, healthy lifestyle,balanced diet and quitting caffeine and alcohol nicotine.

In diet will need to completely abandon yeast products, meat, ketchup, sugar, unfortunately, all of these products provoke the multiplication of fungus and complicate During treatment should abandon the consumption of sugar, and it is connected with great susceptibility of Candida to multiply in a sweet environment. Once in the blood decreases the level of glucose, instantly falling and activity of the fungus.

In the treatment of candidiasis recommended to consume vegetable soups, cereals, beans and rice. And drinks non-carbonated water, green tea.

Sport, physical culture, simple walks in the fresh air, all contribute to facilitate the treatment of candidiasis.

Medical treatment is required, in addition to antibiotics includes antifungal agents. However, as with any medication, if excessive, in the wrong dosage, or uncontrolled use, the fungus Candida does not just stops the harmful effects on the body, but on the contrary, begins to grow rapidly and spread.

Effective treatment results demonstrates the " Uro-Biofon, the antibiotic for a short period of time reduces the activity of the fungus in the body, actively regenerates other microorganisms.

Miramistin, another drug that was created for use with candidiasis. The drug destroys all types of fungi, including resistant forms. Miramistin is a preparation for external use, they wipe the affected by the fungus the surface of the skin. By douching, you can process the inner area of the vagina and urethra.

Strengthening the immune system

Treatment of candidiasis should be from a restorative program, because only high resistance to fungus, allows the patient to defeat Candida.

Without normal immune system, treatment of candidiasis can be delayed, in the sense that the fungus acquires a stable form, and the disease becomes a chronic condition.

So just be attentive to your way of life and sport, is able to return the body to normal condition, and to optimize the fungus Candida to the desired, safe symptoms.

To the immune system worked properly and was at a high level, you need a proper and balanced diet. Naturally, from the diet will need to exclude the semi-finished products and preservatives, starch, refined products.

justify;">If candidiasis is manifested by itching, inflammation in the genital area, the ideal remedy may be tea tree oil. Wiping oil help to relieve the consequences of the rapid growth of candidiasis.

In the treatment of candidiasis also work great Supplements, especially those that are collected on the basis of green tea. Particularly important is the use of additives in the development of candidiasis internal organs.

Strengthen immune system without natural products that do not work, so you should start taking onion, garlic, celery. All these herbs contain many useful components.

Attention! It is a complex approach that combines strengthening the immune system, and medications that prevent the development of candidiasis, chronic, and early detection and initiation of treatment prevent the defeat of a large number of bodies.