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A yeast infection in women: causes and symptoms

Thrush or fungal infection, candidiasis, is one of the most common diseases among women. In itself this disease is not leading to complications or the formation of benign or malignant tumors, however, can be transferred not only from sexual partner to the other partner, but also to the child during childbirth. In addition, the disease is always associated with a lot of unpleasant manifestations.


The causative agent is the fungus Candida, which is present in absolutely overwhelming numbers of people. However, if the number of mushrooms increases and reaches a critical level, start the process of their rapid spread. But in order that the fungus has reached this size, requires a number of factors.

  • First, to provoke the growth of fungus can hormones. And it may be oral contraceptives. The reason is that under the influence of large doses of estrogen into the vagina changes the flora, which now becomes convenient for the development of candidiasis.
  • Second, large doses of antibiotics can also cause the development of yeast infection. The fact that the antibiotics destroying a specific infection, at the same time reduce the immune system, opening thus the way for the development of thrush.

Diabetes always provokes the development of the fungus in women. In General, many metabolic disorders can cause the development of fungus. In the case of diabetes increases the sugar content in the urine, resulting in the vaginal mucosa formed the perfect environment for the growth of the fungus Candida.

The fall in immunity. All of the causes that lead to decrease in immunity, and that infection, stress, sleep deprivation, excessive workload, all leading to reduced immunity and the lower the protection of the organism, so it is no longer able to keep micro-organisms that live in a person under control. Low immunity increases the risk of candidiasis is not only the mucous membrane of the vagina but in other parts of the body.

Methods of infection

The most common way for infection of the Candidiasis is through sexual intercourse. The fact that Another symptom is the appearance of microcracks in the lining of the vulva and vagina. They arise because the Candida leads to the formation of the medium with high acidity, the result of which is trauma to the mucous membranes. It is important to understand that while a yeast infection is not cured, then the acidic medium is present, and in it cracks can't heal. Naturally, together with itching and cracks appear and pain. Especially strongly it is felt during the sexual contact, when there is additional trauma of the vagina. Additionally, the pain canoccur during urination and not only in the urethra, but the vagina, as mentioned above, due to the urine, which also raises the acidity level in the microflora.


There are several directions in treatment, including traditional medicine and traditional treatment. Basically, these candles from a thrush, a list, antifungal oral medications. Among the candles from a thrush there are several options available for absolutely everyone, but when buying, you must read the instructions and contraindications.