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Inguinal athlete's foot: causes, symptoms, treatment and pictures

That would start a discussion of medicines that we can use in the treatment of Jock itch (see photo), you need to understand what this disease is and what causes its development.

Ringworm that affects the skin, and much less often, nail plate, and is called the inguinal athlete due to the fact that the disease most likely to pick a primary dislocation of the inguinal folds.

Some are less it is possible to detect manifestation of the disease in the armpits and the skin under the Breasts in women (see photo). Because of their preference of localization, this type of athlete's foot is also called athlete's large folds.

Identified and the causative agent of athlete, it is a fungus Epidermophyton floccosum. Typically, it resides in the cells of the epidermis and nail plates. The size of the fungus is quite small, 2-4 microns, and their colonies always remind oval yellow color.

Methods of transmission of infection

The fungus Jock itch is spread through contact with an infected subject. It could be bedding, bath, washcloth, any item which contacted the patient. For a more rapid propagation and infection, the fungi need moisture, so excessive sweating of the patient, can also trigger the growth of infection. Most often inguinal athlete's foot affects men, rarely women.

Disregard the standard rules of hygiene, especially in the medical, public places, easily provokes a whole epidemic of athlete's foot.

The main symptoms

The first symptom, which manifests inguinal athlete, you can recognize the appearance of the skin pink spots. To the touch they are flakes, and have about a centimeter in diameter. Gradually these spots expand, thus eventually we can form a spot of diameter and 10 cm. The stain may hardly show signs of inflammation, but can also be a clear inflammatory symptoms. Often, the patient began to be troubled by severe itching in the affected area.

On the surface of the affected area of the skin can arise small pustules, and the boundaries are always sharply defined, inflammatory roller.

As we have said, often stops fungal growth in the groin area, the scrotum, the inner parts of the thighs. At lesser risk are the feet, legs, first and foremost, inguinal athlete's foot is curable using sulfur-tar ointment, in a concentration of 5-10%. In addition, good treatment demonstrates vilkinsona ointment. This drug is recommended for rubbing together with zincsubstance.

As we have mentioned above, copes with the fungal infection, and alcoholic solution of iodine. If the fungal infection leads to severe inflammation, and exhibit all the signs of swelling of the affected area of the skin, first apply cold lotions on the basis of a 0.25% strength solution of silver nitrate. Here suitable and acetate of alumina, which is used for cold lotions.

General treatment of athlete involves the use of calcium chloride or autohemotherapy. According to the latest information, a very serious, succeed, and griseofulvin, which completely cures the patient from Jock itch.