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Popular accessories for the treatment of fungus toenails

With such problems as nail fungus, affects many, so the right decision is the nail Polish from nail fungus or nail defender.

By the way, the disease itself is caused by bacteria that can be picked up in public areas if to be there without shoes. For example, in the pool, the sauna, etc. infection Usually affects people with weak immune systems. And even those who have any cuts or other skin damage.

The principle of operation of nail fungus

To get rid of this disease, you can use a nail from the fungus. It should be mentioned that this is the easiest way to combat this disease. It is easy enough to use. Before applying the substance, you need to read the methods of application, are specified in the regulations. Such coatings are not only firm, which depends on the method of use, but also the number of days that the varnish should be applied. Usually the drug is used 1 to 3 days.

Find the right Polish to treat nail fungus helps qualified specialist. He also advises brand of the drug, dosage and number of days in which you want to apply lacquer against nail fungus. Antifungal varnishes are considered among the safest drugs in the fight against this disease. That is why they can be used independently. However, we must take into account that this treatment will be effective only if the disease is not moved into the running stage. That is, at the initial stage the nail when nail fungus is an effective method of solving the problem.

It is noteworthy that the differences between the drugs are and sometimes they are significant. Different varnishes against the fungus not only price but also quality. Some treat only a certain type of bacteria, from which originated the disease, and the other is aimed at efficient problem-solving of the whole complex. And if the first spray is fairly inexpensive, the latter have quite a decent cost.

Of course, depending on the brand of varnish will be different. But there is a single effective principle of use of antifungal drugs. The first thing to do is thoroughly wash the feet. To implement it is in a special bath using a saline solution. In this case, the affected layer should be removed from infected cells, it can be done with a brush. In bath you can add lemon juice, which will negatively affect the pathogens that cause nail fungus. After bathing the feet will need to dry and then use a medicated nail Polish. Apply is just using the brush that comes with the drug.

Lucky effective against the fungus

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Loceryl is a treatment nail varnish. It is composed of a component that is able to penetrate deeper, and to eliminate the very root of the disease. It not only destroys bacteria but also prevents them from spreading to healthy areas. This drug is able to prevent nail fungus, a complex that aims to eliminate this disease. It includes a means for applying a special nail file, wipes for degreasing and disinfection. The substance is quickly absorbed into the nail plate, so repeated application is able to make it more stable.

Batrafen also relates to antifungal drugs and is sold in the form of varnish. Active substance Batrafen active against more than 50 types of pathogens of fungal infection, so he copes with onychomycosis and is allowed to use it even in the USA, where requirements for the quality of medicines is much higher.

It is noted that an effective drug will be the case if the nail plate is affected not completely. In more severe cases you should consult a specialist. The duration of intake means can determine a professional. General recommendations for treatment will take about six months, maybe a year.

During treatment is not recommended to increase the nails, and use other nail polishes.


    • Conclusion

      Despite the presence of a large selection of varnishes for the treatment of nail fungus and prevention of this disease, one should still be careful. Moreover, treatment should start immediately, in this case, we can do small events.

      In any case, it is best to consult a specialist who will be able to identify the nature of the fungus, the degree of complexity of the infection and prescribe the only correct solution to this problem. This is quite a serious disease that requires prolonged treatment. The sooner to start treatment, the better the result will be.