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Arachnoid cyst of the temporal lobe (right, left, and pole)

Arachnoid cyst is called benign tumor in the form of a vial of liquid, which is similar in composition to the cerebrospinal fluid. This type of cyst is formed in the area of the arachnoid, that is, the arachnoid on the surface of the brain.

A cyst of this type can be a congenital phenomenon, in other words, this malformation of the meninges. The walls of the cysts are created by the cells of the shell.

Secondary or acquired cysts appear as a consequence of illness, it could be meningitis, hemorrhage, brain trauma or Marfan syndrome.

Acquired cysts may also appear after a failed surgery. The wall of the cyst of this type is scar tissue. By the way, just can form and methods, such as laser surgery and endoscopy.

If the cyst does not bring discomfort and the person can do their usual activities and to treat the cyst in most cases is not necessary. In this case, doctors may recommend regular check-magnetic resonance imaging or computer diagnostics to eliminate the growth of cysts.

Complications that may be a consequence of arachnoid cysts

An arachnoid cyst may increase by the growth of cysts and increase the amount of liquid inside it.

Also, the cyst increases cerebral concussion, cerebral circulatory disorders, we are talking about mini-strokes, neuroinfections and multiple sclerosis.

First and foremost, an urgent need to identify and treat the disease, which contributes to the increase in the size or appearance of new cysts.

If the cause of arachnoid cysts of the left or right temporal lobe becomes autoimmune or infectious process, we urgently need to identify and eliminate pockets of chronic inflammation.

Shows the use not only of antibiotic therapy, but immunomodulatory treatment, which allows the recovery of the immune defense of the body.

If rassasyvanie adhesions of the meninges, in the case that adhesions were the cause of arachnoid cysts, it shows therapy with special drugs: Kaipainen, longitute and others.

During the treatment of cerebral circulation (the cause could also be a cyst), initially to reduce blood clotting, lower cholesterol levels in the blood and test blood pressure.

To normalize metabolic processes in the brain need to receive more oxygen and glucose, to do this, doctors prescribe antioxidants and nootropics. also important and diet, there are diet for cyst of the kidney, so in the cystic formation in the head, the patient needs to eat right.

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