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Treatment of cysts of the brain (arachnoid, CSF) folk remedies: reviews

Recently was charged with a considerable amount of evidence of the effectiveness of treatment of cysts with the help of folk remedies. And this applies to cyst of the brain.

Let's first define what we're dealing with, and what is a cyst. Cyst is a benign abdominal tumor, whose location can be in various organs.

Pathology can be formed directly in the gums or liver, ovary, and brain, and it may be the system and eventually turning into tumors, can long time does not manifest any symptoms.

One of the most disturbing in terms of transformation into a malignant tumor are tumors of the ovaries, brain and pancreas. A considerable danger fraught and kidney cysts, for example, pathologies. For the treatment of tumors plucked the mug will need to dry and grind finely in a meat grinder. This will separate the juice, which will need subsequently to insist in a glass vessel for five days.

It should be noted that the infusion process must be conducted in a dark room. The main caveat, which need to be observed until complete extraction is fermentation. If the liquid is fermented, it will lose all its beneficial properties.

The juice should be taken for two months before meals in the amount of two tablespoons. Usually doctors prescribe the control ultrasound examination before the start of the process "Lougovoy" therapy as well as after it. Proper nutrition and food choices.

Generally in the treatment of the cyst should occupy a leading place in the life of the patient. For example, as shown in the example of how it works it is Desirable that the process of herbal medicine was carried out under the supervision of the attending physician, as not all natural ingredients are considered to be actually useful.

Some herbs, which include herbs like celandine or hellebore, in most cases lead to serious complications due to the presence of high concentration of certain alkaloids. The best way to prevent or treat the cysts is prevention, and regular comprehensive examination.