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Breast cyst: treatment, causes and symptoms

The cavity with the liquid, which is formed in the body of the breast is a cyst. The main manifestation of cysts of the breast, it is a solid education that palpation may cause pain, and in other cases, causes the patient uncomfortable with. It is important to note that palpation does not necessarily help to define a cyst.

In medicine, the cyst varies in two categories: solitary or unilateral, and multiple, when the cysts are placed in both Breasts.

And speaking of the size of the cyst, here we find, as quite small, a few millimeters of the tumor, and large tumor.

Causes of cysts of the breast

The main reason of occurrence is hormonal disruptions in the body. And from cysts of the breast are not insured by any woman, despite the fact that in the main risk group are women from 30 to 40 years.

A great influence on the condition of hormonal contraceptives and have thyroid disease. The reason that caused the formation of cysts in the breast can also be the consequence of surgical intervention in the thyroid gland. Stress and nervous tension often act as causes for the emergence of the cyst.

Note that the cyst in the area of breast cancer very rarely degenerates into a malignant tumor. In addition, a cyst in 90% of cases lend themselves to quick and timely treatment, which involved and folk remedies.


In addition to simply detecting when an uncomfortable sensation, breast cyst can cause pain in the chest area. The pain may worsen in the premenstrual period, which is easily explained by the increase of the breast.

Since breast cyst is a tumor, it is not recommended to leave her in the breast tissue, even at extremely low rate of degeneration, the cyst must be promptly removed. Professional definition and diagnosis of cysts deals with the doctor mammolog.

In rare cases, a cyst of large size capable of deforming the skin, until the breach nipple.

How to treat a breast tumor

The removal of the cyst is in most cases minimally invasive way. The first stage of breast cyst drained, thin needle from her sky, liquid. After drainage of the cyst cavity is injected from the air, it speeds up the process of healing of tissues.

It is important to know that the scar that remains after treatment of the cyst on imaging may remind breast cancertherefore, it is necessary to remember about its location, be sure to enter in it to the doctors.

It should be noted that if the cyst of the breast diagnosed during pregnancy, nothing wrong with that. You can safely carry and birth to make breastfeeding, the health of the baby is not in danger.

In the treatment also take part of the hormonal drugs which provide the normalization of hormonal background of the patient. In addition to the normalization of hormones, strengthens the immune system and the recurrence of the cyst of the breast is extremely rare.

Surgical intervention has a basis in two cases:

  • Breast cyst starts to degenerate into a tumor;
  • Cysts did not produce results, we observed a relapse.

Treatment of cysts of the breast.

Very good results in treatment of the cyst with folk remedies. Below are a few recipes that have the most obvious improvement of the patient:

  • The red beets. Beet rubbed on a fine grater, then heated by a "wet bath", then add two tablespoons of vinegar. The resulting mess is converted to a compress and apply it to the cyst for the night. The course lasts for 10 days;
  • The chaga mushroom. Prepare mushroom broth, which we leave to steep for 48 hours. Recommended to drink the infusion every day for three glasses;
  • Cabbage leaf. This method is recommended for pain in the area of the cyst. Cabbage leaf grease with butter and applied to the chest. Can be wrapped a tight bandage, or put on the tight bra;
  • The celandine. On the basis of celandine and clarified butter, in equal proportions, make an ointment and RUB it to the area of the cyst. Ointment is not washed for at least four hours after application;
  • As a means to compress the suitable carrot. Grated on a fine grater, it is applied to the cyst under the bandage;
  • Tinctures based on St. John's wort and burdock. Tincture of burdock is recommended to be taken orally three times a day, and St. John's wort can be used in wiping the skin in the area of the cyst.

Despite the fact that traditional medicines provide effective treatment of diseases in the breast, before starting the course you should consult the doctor to make an accurate diagnosis.

It should also be mentioned that preventive measures when cyst in breast cancer are the same as with many hormonal problems. Recommended to eliminate possible stress and to restoreimmunity and hormonal balance. For this simple exercise, proper nutrition and some folk remedies.