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Cyst sinus symptoms, removal, pictures

Small benign formation with the fluid and elastic wall of a cyst of the sinuses characterized by such signs. The size of the cyst and its position can be seen in the complaints of patients.

The cyst is not uncommon, according to statistics, you can detect it in one out of ten people. However, diagnosed the cyst in most cases accidentally during other examinations not related directly to the search for cystic lesions in the nasal sinuses.

Cyst sinus conditionally divided into:

  • True, retentional the cyst. The tumor occurs because of blockage of the ducts of the glands in the mucosa of the sinuses. In such cyst is lined by all cells of the mucosa.
  • False or pseudocyst. These tumors arise due to the effects of allergic reactions. Cause reactions can either infectious disease or inflammation which occurs in the roots of the teeth of the upper jaw. In this there is no cyst lining cells of the mucosa.

In addition, cysts may be several types according to content. Vary mucous, purulent, and serous cysts.

Diagnosis of the cyst

To diagnose and determine the exact location of the cyst helps radiography. During x-ray on follow the experts get the picture of paranasal sinuses in two projections.

However, the data imaging can give false positive and false negative results. In this case, you can offer to pass the following tests:

  • MRI.
  • CT.
  • To conduct endoscopy of the upper jaw.
  • Kymography. Here in the place of the alleged cystic masses, we introduce a special contrast fluid.
  • To do a biopsy. Gets a small portion of the cysts and examined for biochemical and cytological.

Cyst symptoms

While the cyst is in the nasal sinuses is not growing, the diagnosis or determination of its occurrence in the symptoms is incredibly difficult. However, we will define the basic characteristics of the appearance of cysts and subjective feelings:

  • There is a pain in the infraorbital area. The pain may be amplified each time you tilt your head forward.
    • Allergic reactions.
    • Rhinitis.
    • Sinusitis acute or chronic forms.
    • And symmetry of the face.
    • Inflammation in the roots of the teeth in the upper jaw.
    • The feeling of the hard palate.
    • Physiological features of the structure of the openings of the sinuses.

    As a rule, the cyst for a long time not manifest, and the patient is not even aware of her presence. As we have already mentioned, revealed it is in this case quite by accident. However, if the tumor grows, it is fully capableplug the sinus space and to ignore the cyst is simply impossible.

    Important! Note here that the running cyst without adequate treatment can cause death of bone tissue.

    Cyst removal

    Before you can choose the options of surgical removal of cysts of the sinuses is necessary to pay attention to many factors of its location and status.

    As for the removal, today in clinics offer a wide range of methods of cyst removal. You can use the most simple, but traumatic method Caldwell-Luc or modern microhaematuria. The last operation is performed under local anesthesia or under General anesthesia.

    Can you advise endoscopic surgery, which is considered the most safe and most effective method of removal of cystic masses in the sinuses. Not to be unfounded, and we note its benefits:

    • The operation does not lead to serious trauma to the skin.
    • Accordingly, the skin does not remain the scars from the intervention.
    • After the operation should not go long term recovery.

    In addition, the method of endoscopy there are no contraindications, is extremely rare complication, the method does not require a long stay patient in hospital, the maximum hospitalization lasts 48 hours.

    In the case when a cyst caused by a sick tooth in the upper jaw that needed surgery in the place of education issues. Here is applied and antibiotic therapy, if the problem is in the nature of the inflammatory process. Such operation also will not require full anesthesia and the removal of the cyst under local anaesthetic.