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Cysts of the vascular plexus of the brain in newborn infants

A cyst of the choroid plexus in the fetus reveal is usually on the sixth to seventh month of pregnancy. Many pregnant women after obtaining the opinion of an ultrasound begin to worry and worry about the baby.

Meanwhile, a similar phenomenon formed during fetal development in the womb, is not dangerous. Some time later, the plexus, usually disappears and is no harm to the health of the future baby.

It is also important to distinguish and not to confuse a cyst choroid plexus cyst with vascular origin, which occurs in the brain due to a stroke, aneurysm or infectious diseases.

What is a cyst of the choroid plexus

Vascular plexus are the first system which begins to form after the sixth week of pregnancy. Nerve cells are not included in their composition, however, the choroid plexus have a direct effect on the formation of nerve tissue in the brain. The formation of the vascular plexus indicates favorable development of the two halves of the brain.

A cyst of the choroid plexus during development of the fetus to discover in three percent of cases among all pregnant women. Find cyst most often between 14 and 22 weeks.

Such a tumor usually resolves after 28 weeks of pregnancy, because at this time the child's brain begins to develop and its functions stabiliziruemost. However, if this does not happen for a long time, for the duration of the pregnancy, should not be afraid. Cyst poses no risk to the fetus and future child, if it remains after birth.

In some cases there has been a growth of several formations, which is also not harmful to the child. In General, a cyst of the choroid plexus does not affect the brain, does not lead to any deviations in development and does not require medical and surgical intervention. However, if it

To the formation of cysts in the fetus as a result of genetic defects results in trisomy 18, or Edwards syndrome, which is neraskhozhdenie 18 pairs and adding to it an extra chromosome, resulting in the genotype of the embryo has 47 chromosomes. With regard to trisomy 21 or down's syndrome, the disease does not affect the formation of cysts of the choroid plexus.

Thus, we can conclude that the cysts of the choroid plexus:

  • Is not at risk;
  • Does not have a role;
  • Has no influence on the vital processes;
  • Is not reborn.

Women are wearing in the womb children should have a complete understanding about these tumors, so do not be afraid, not to panic and not to be confused with other neoplasms that are harmful to the health of the unborn child.

In identifying vascular cysts in the fetusa late-term pregnant or have a newborn baby to pay special attention to the health of the woman or child. Most often cystic formation is formed due to the presence of the mother, any kind of infection. As a rule, identifies the herpes virus and cytomegalovirus. In connection with this. need to know what is when the child turns three months, six months and a year. In particular, this ultrasonography are premature babies, babies injured at birth or hypoxia, as well as too large or small children.

Mandatory of neurosonography for newborns with nestandartniy head shape or facial structure, defects and deviations in the development of any of the bodies.

Neurosonography is a simple and safe for baby procedure. The study is conducted through the front fontanel the bones of the skull still not healed, since the ultrasonic wave is not able to pass through the dense bone of the skull. Therefore, the study was conducted at an early stage of development, when the Fontanelle is still open. During the examination of other brain areas the study is conducted through occipital, and temporal posterolateral Fontanelle.

Even if you have a viral disease, a cyst in newborns is not dangerous. The tumor most often disappears after a few months and no longer appears. However, information about what the dire consequences of taking all the necessary measures to eliminate the source of the disease.

In mild cases, when the child complains of headaches, dizziness, clenching of the head, the doctor prescribes medicines that improve blood flow to the brain and normalizes the baby's health.

Such drugs include Cavinton and Cinnarizine. Cinnarizine affects the blood vessels and cardiovascular system, helping the body come back to normal and get rid of the cyst. Cavinton is used for circulatory disorders in the brain.

Therapeutic drugs are well tolerated and do not cause any serious side effects. Before you start the medication, be sure to consult with the attending physician.

Preventive measures against the formation of the cyst is quite simple. You must carefully monitor child health, to support immunity, to avoid hypothermia and foci of infections. You should also pay attention to the condition of the vessels, to avoid factors that negatively affect the cardiovascular system.

Particularly favorable light exercise. Pregnant women in turn it is important to monitor their health to the disease is not affected the condition of the future baby.