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Surgery on a cyst in the Breasts: reviews of operating the treatment

Fairly common pathology, which is formed in the cavity of the breast and is filled with a liquid content, is called cyst of the breast. Such a cyst may be a single kind, and may be plural.

As a rule, the disease for a long period of time does not bother the patient, and only after a long period in the area of localization in the breast may appear painful sensation and burning.

Pain and burning sensation can flare up before menstruation and during the menstrual cycle. And

If the cyst reaches a large size, it is characterized by pain pulling character, as determined by palpation of the uneven seal. Large cyst clinically manifested not only during menstruation, as at this size they cause deformation of the breast and bluish manifestation of the skin.

If the cyst appears inflammation, along with it comes not only an increase in the temperature of the body, but the redness of the skin, signs of fever, increased lymph nodes next.

The most common and characteristic symptoms are:

  • A tangible pain in my chest.
  • A tugging sensation and a burning sensation in the site of localization of the cyst.
  • Change the color of the skin over a cyst formation.
  • Deformation of the breast.
  • Fever.

Treatment of cysts of the breast

Before talking about the methods of treatment, the patient must undergo adequate examination by a mammologist.

If we are talking about the treatment of small cystic formations, then it is possible to use a conservative approach. If the size of the cystic education does not exceed 0.5 mm, then surgical removal is not yet shown.

Treatment in this case will be aimed at the normalization of hormonal background in the body of the patient. The appointment of the drugs hormonal sense should cause a small SAC self-absorbed.

In the treatment of unilocular cysts the doctor makes a small puncture education, which is inserted through a special solution for the destruction of the cystic content.

Important! Atypical features of the cyst must be assigned righteously and surgical intervention, and tissue that is removed during surgery must be sent for histological examination to exclude malignant nature of education.

Following a method of treating cystic masses aspiration. The method that is pumped through a fine needle the whole cystic fluid. There is a principle of drainage. And if the pumping liquid is not found in it the blood, further surgical treatment of this cystic neoplasm is not required, but in the case of blood in the veinsliquid, it is necessary to conduct further studies of the cyst and to select the appropriate method of treatment.

The following method of treatment is hematogenically therapy. The essence of the method is that when hormone treatments, the normalization of the General hormonal background. Not only that, with the right approach completely resolves the cyst, and the immunity increases.

And of course, the removal of the cyst is surgically, it happens in the case that it is the only available method. This operation is called "laparoscopy".

Besides the fact that the cyst may be large size and cause obvious discomfort to the patient, the physician may decide about the deletion, if there is a suspicion of degeneration of the cyst to a malignant tumor.

Surgery to remove cysts the breast can be performed both under local and under General anesthesia. Chest wall incision, and the surgeon pulls the accumulation of cystic mass, at the same time introducing a biodegradable solution.