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Cyst of breast (right and left): signs of resorption, removal, pain

Cyst in breast cancer represents a cavity with accumulated inside a liquid, located in the chest. The main symptoms of this pathology presents a dense, motionless and spherical formation, which can be easily felt by touch. Moreover, the tumor can deliver to the patient an indefinite discomfort.

At this stage of time varies unilateral (solitary) and multiple (right and striking left and right mammary gland) cyst. It should be noted that not every cyst in the breast can be detected through the usual probing.

The fact that the tumor size can range from a few millimeters and can only be determined through the use of special medical devices, to a couple of centimeters, which already can be easily detected during the procedure is palpation. As a rule, the large size of the cyst attributed to the pathology, the size of which may be palpable with your fingers.

The reason for the appearance of the cyst in the breast

The biggest risk of disease falls on the age category of women in the region of thirty to forty years. Additionally, the group of potential risk can be attributed also nulliparous women regardless of age.

In fact no one is protected from such tumors and the main cause of cysts are common hormonal disorders. a benign form in the breast the risk of cancer much higher than in healthy women.

Consequently, cyst requires surgical treatment. On the skin it is quite difficult to determine the state of disease. The fact that the skin over the tumor is not drawn, and almost does not change. In the case of the running scenarios, the leather can get involved and even contribute to deformation of the nipple, but this is quite rare.

Treatment of pathology

In practice, breast cyst undergoes treatment without the use of surgical care. At the initial stage, the doctor performs a so-called puncture of the cyst. Using a thin needle it pulls from the tumor fluid. Then, in an empty capsule pumped the air, providing an effective fusion of the cells. In some cases, to ensure a speedy accretion in the cavity of the neoplasm may be alcohol.

Scars, formed after removal of the cyst, very similar to the Oncology in the field of breast cancer on mammography.

Pathology of the breast does not carry any negative impact on the General condition of the woman's body during pregnancy. A little education will in no way affect the subsequent lactation. In addition, for the treatmentsimilar formulations doctors use a special course of drugs that causes hormonal background of woman directly in the normal state.

Such treatment further strengthens the immune system and more. As a rule, relapse of disease when such a treatment is not observed. If the suspicions of the doctor confirmed the presence of tumor, in this case required surgical intervention.

Also, this method of treatment is used, if an ordinary perforation of the neoplasm does not give any positive results. However, it is worth to say that such cases are extremely rare, only in 1 case out of 10.

The use of folk remedies for the treatment of

The ideal option is a tincture of St. John's wort mugs. For the purpose of making tinctures of burdock need to take ten grams qualitatively crushed root of this plant, and pour one Cup of boiling water. The dishes should be sealed tightly and then insist for three hours. Drink a tincture of burdock is necessary three times a day before meals with respect for the dosage is 15 ml.

To prepare the tincture on the basis of St. John's wort will need to take twenty grams of chopped dry grass, after which one Cup of boiling water. After insisting tincture will need to allow time to cool to a warm state. After ostuzhennoy to room temperature will need to moisten a cotton swab and apply directly to the place of the presence of pathology.

In particular, the ideal option would be the best place to probe the cyst. Ointments and compresses are considered to be extremely effective in the case of the treatment of cysts in the area of the breast. However, external treatment ointments and helps in the fight against Becker's cyst behind the knee.

Another fairly unique folk remedy is a poultice made on the basis of red beet. This will need to grate 200 grams of beets and reheat it later in a water bath. After insisting to the product for a poultice you will need to add two more tablespoons of 9% vinegar. Treatment was needed over 10 days.