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What is a cyst of the spine: surgery to remove at the sacral region of the spine

Cysts in different parts of the spine most often occurs in young people. Such a tumor often causes severe pain, remove the pain medication does not always work.

What is a spinal cyst

A cyst is a tumor in a kind of pouch that fills in the blood and synovial fluid. The cyst may occur in any spinal division in the neck, chest, sacrum. Most often the place of formation of the cyst become the vertebral arch and the roots of the spine, but the vertebral body neoplasm rarely gets. With regard to cystic masses in General, it may be To the formation of cysts of the intervertebral joints lead to all sorts of injury, inflammation and congenital diseases. Synovial pouch at any violations starts to bulge and fill with fluid. In the case of hemorrhage in education gets the blood, forming additional cysts.

The types of spinal cysts

There are several types of cysts of the spine, depending on the size, shape, type of manifestation, places of education and other characteristics. The cyst is often both true and false. In the occurrence of true cysts inner layer of the Soi has tumors of epithelial tissue, when cyst about this Soi is absent.

Distinguish particular subtypes of cysts of the spine:

  • The appearance of para-articular cysts are observed most often in Mature and older people. Such a cyst is localized in the cervical and lumbar joints.
  • Ganglionic cysts do not form a synovial lining in the cavity of the pouch, resulting in the maturing, over time, is separated from the joint cavity.
  • Synovial cysts are formed in the joint as a continuation of the synovial SAC.
  • Arachnoid cysts are formed in the area of the medulla of the spine and the arachnoid.
  • Innate education is a perineural cyst that bulges towards the spinal canal.
  • In children in rare cases, it may be formed in the thickness of the spine aneurysmal bone cyst.

Cyst of the spine symptoms

The appearance of the disease can manifest itself in different ways, depending on the types of spinal cysts. In some cases the cyst may long time does not manifest itself.

To check for diseases and to determine the type of cyst, used computer and magnetic resonance tomography of the spinal Department.

Arachnoid cyst often hides in the body without displaying any activity. People can detect its presence in a random way, passing preventive diagnostics or examination of the spine for the presence of any disease. This type of cyst is notrequires medical intervention.

Perineural cyst, increasing in size, starts to press on the nerve fibres, resulting in a person experiences severe pain in the spine. Most often such a cyst is localized in the sacral spinal Department.

The symptoms of education spinal perineural cysts include:

  • The occurrence of pain in the spinal Department at the time of movement;
  • The occurrence of pain in the buttocks and the sacral division because of prolonged sitting in one place;
  • The occurrence of pain in the abdomen;
  • The occurrence of neurological disorders in the form of tingling on the skin, tingling in the feet, disorder of the intestinal work of the Department and the genitourinary system.

While the cyst has not gained significant size, it is treated with special medicines. With the growth of tumors and causing severe pain the cyst is removed by surgery, and this method is suitable for almost any entity, including if there is pain in the spine, which are amplified in a moment of stress. Often douse the pain in the abdomen. Such cysts are dangerous because the tumor can lead to a serious defeat of the spinal Department, cause paresis and paralysis, and also contribute to the fracture of the spine.

The disease manifests itself gradually, with symptoms that make themselves known after some time and not all at once. Sometimes the disease can occur completely without symptoms, activities at the time of neurological disorders. The onset of paralysis may signal about the activity of the aneurysmal cyst. The treatment of this disease is made depending on the degree of development of cyst.

A cyst on the spine – treatment medical preparatami

Conservative treatment is by taking anti-inflammatory drugs non-steroidal maintenance and use of the techniques of physiotherapy.

In complex cases administered steroid anti-inflammatory drugs by injection cavity of a large joint. Meanwhile, this treatment option is temporary to facilitate the state, more than half of the cases after the observation requires a more serious intervention.

A cyst on the spine — the treatment by surgical intervention

It is not uncommon for emergency patient applies suction resulting from the cyst fluid. However, this method does not exclude the fact of the new formation of the cyst in the spine. To avoid this in the cyst are special drugs. This method of intervention can lead to compression of the spinal cord.

The radical measure in the treatment of the disease is surgically removedmalignant neoplasms. This is a fairly easy operation, which can in the case of complications cause bleeding.

In General, a cyst in the spine is not formed as often, while often it manifests itself in the early stages, when perhaps a slight medical intervention. Also it is possible that the cyst will resolve on their own.