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What is a paracervical cyst cervical

20 percent of women of childbearing age are often faced with the recommendations of the gynecologist about the passing of a special ultrasound to identify the cervix. However, not all can confidently say that are fluent in all the information on this issue.

So, a cyst is a bubble filled with liquid, and it is located usually inside the tissue. The reason for its occurrence is considered an ordinary natural glands of the mucous membrane.

Pathology may be presented in single or multiple form, in particular, directly from nature manifestation. The size of the cyst can vary from two to fifteen millimeters, although in some cases, may fall the giants with sizes up to three inches in diameter.

It is worth noting that cysts can also be distinguished by the place of their appearance. For example, a pathology located within the endocervical canal are, moreover, visible they can be, even at ordinary gynecological examination with the use of mirrors or colposcopy.

If the cyst is located on the vaginal portion of the cervix, then it will be known as the paracervical. Typically, such pathology is seen only during the passage of ultrasound or can be suspected in the case of deformation of the neck due to the formation of relatively large size. in General, the diagnosis of erosion (ectopia) of the cervix. Nabatova often the cyst is found in the majority of cases in this area of transformation. in any case, it is necessary to know the special antibacterial treatment.

As a rule, the development of cysts, given the erosion of the cervix in the absence of signs of degeneration and normal state of health does not require intensive treatment. Have deleted all entities, which can interfere with to diagnose or eliminate the so-called dysplastic processes.


  • The impact of nitrogen low temperature – the procedure of cryotherapy. This method is contraindicated in case of concomitant infectious inflammation. Provides the ability to remove deep-seated formations;
  • The procedure of radio wave exposure. Are effective, painless elements of General methods of treatment. On the positive side, it should be noted the absence of lesions or scarring;
  • Laser is a well established technique, and most doctors are sufficiently proficient with this method. In case of wrong settings of intensity burning can be painful and often leaves scarring;
  • The chemical effect is limited to the treatment of the wall of the special preparations after the puncture, and removing the entirecontent.

Given the fact that the cysts often occur on the background of erosion, with the goal of treatment should be used the same methods. For example, cauterization of erosion of the cervix by means of nitrogen (cryotherapy).