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Perineural cyst of the spine

Perineural cyst is a liquid tumor, which is localized in the spinal canal of the spine. If to simplify the description of the problem, the cyst is a small bubble, which is filled with cerebrospinal fluid. As a rule, such

Must be examined at the full exclusion of the first signs of Parkinson's disease and syndrome spondylitis.

This target can be used, and quite successfully, the method electroneuromyography. Method allows you to determine exactly what the root in the spinal division is the cause of such a strong pain syndrome.

Note that, despite the high accuracy problems, and diagnosis of perineural cysts, methods of tomography and electroneuromyography are not available for all patients, and therefore it is impossible to speak about mass application of methods in the examination of patients. It is precisely because of such limitations in the hardware diagnostics, the identification of most degenerative diseases of the spine, including cysts, occurs at a late stage, when and symptoms, and symptoms appear so serious that to ignore them is impossible


If the Note separately, and the fact that if there is a tumor disease, physiotherapy treatment is eliminated and contraindicated.

Operative treatment is indicated in those cases, if the cyst reaches a large size and is already a clear violation of the functions of internal organs. Surgery suggests that of cystic tumors of the pumped liquid. And the cavity is filled with a special compound.

However, surgery and many risks, including:

  • Damage to the spinal cord.
  • Subsequently, the development of adhesions.
  • Postoperative meningitis.

In addition, surgery does not guarantee that there will not relapse in the near future.