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The symptoms of ovarian cyst: causes and manifestations

Gynecological diseases do not necessarily have specific symptoms and are often discovered accidentally on routine examination by a gynecologist.

One of these gynecological diseases, without a doubt, can be attributed to the ovarian cyst whose symptoms are sufficiently erased and do not allow often the woman is even suspected that she had cystic formation. Reason routine inspection at the gynecologist recommended not less than once in six months.

The types of tumors

You need to define what an ovarian cyst can be of several types, and each has its own peculiarities and distinctive features.

Initially, the cyst is the tumor benign nature. The reason for its occurrence is the moment of accumulation of secretions in the tissues of the ovary.

In the first place distinguish follicular and luteal cysts, they are commonly described as functional cysts. These types of cysts are formed naturally from the tissues of the ovary consists of follicles and yellow bodies.

And in the name of cysts already incorporated the reason. Because the follicle is due to the fact that the woman did not ovulate and the follicle continued to grow. If ovulation has passed, but the yellow body continues to accumulate fluid, we are dealing with a Luteal cyst. Note that both of these cysts have been around for about 2-3 months, after which resolve on their own and disappear. They're not a danger to women and do not require treatment.

Paraovarian cyst more dangerous education, the cause of which is embryonic violation. Judging by the type of problem, it is most often found in women of reproductive age, and can reach 10 cm in this embodiment the binding is surgery and removal of cysts by surgery.

Organic cysts. This is quite a serious pathology, and in it include dermoid, mucinous, endometroid cyst. All of these tumors on the ovary are the result of hormonal failure in the body. Treatment here may be performed surgically or by means of a variety of drugs.

In the main reason for the formation of endometriotic cysts is the endometriosis in which of his hearth formed bleeding every month, they lead to the fact that the ovary is formed of the cavity. Of course, they are filled with blood. Blood over time begins to thicken, color changing color and turning into a substance that apparently can recall liquid chocolate. It is because this particular cyst is called "chocolate".

The hallmark of a cyst may be its size, if it reaches 10 cm and more, can begin to exert pressure on adjacent organs. Treatment takes place quickly, surgically.

The reasons for the development

There is a specific list of reasons that can lead to disease:

  1. Violations of hormonal levels and metabolism.
  2. Inflammatory diseases in the pelvic area.
  3. Violation of the menstrual cycle.
  4. Later menopause.
  5. Infertility.
  6. Genetic predisposition.

Symptoms of ovarian cysts

The type and method of treatment are in direct connection with the form of cystic masses. If detected in a timely manner, it is possible to do it with hormone therapy and vitamins. However, there are cysts, we wrote about this above, which require surgical intervention.

If not treated the tumor, it may ultimately just be a gap, and then it will be necessary to go urgently to the hospital and treatment will have fixed and long-lasting.