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Warts on head: causes and treatment

The main reason for the appearance of warts on the body — human papilloma virus (HPV). It is characterized by high resistance to external influences, can be transmitted through the use of shared sick things and even using a firm handshake (if the skin has cracks and scratches). The virus is in the human body in "sleep" condition and does not occur for many years. Usually it aktiviziruyutsya with the weakening of immunity due to stress, bad habits, suffering a severe and chronic diseases.

Most often, warts appear on the hands, armpits and feet (foot), but often they occur on the head, delivering moral discomfort. People with warts on my forehead or nose often develop systems to make their daily life unbearable. Even small size of tumors clearly visible to the naked eye and quickly attracts the attention of the interlocutor or bystanders.

Serious danger to human health they are not and are more an aesthetic problem, which is more concerned with girls and women.

What to do with the wart on his forehead

На фото: бородавки на носу

Another common place appearance new wart on the nose. In this place it can also cause problems as its unaesthetic appearance. The reason for their appearance in this place is not only the HPV virus, but the poor personal hygiene that leads to bad skin condition, the appearance of Wens and microcracks.

And if growths on the skin surface prevent the person only from an aesthetic point of view, warts in the nose interfere with breathing and make life difficult for colds in the spring and autumn period. Medicine known cases when the warts under his nose increased in size, multiplied and almost completely blocked the access of oxygen to the sinuses, therefore, the appearance of the first papilloma need to act quickly.

Warts on the nasal mucosa should be treated only under the supervision of a specialist. Only he can accurately determine the type of the virus and most effective method of destroying it. In hard to reach areas for the removal of tumors you use a special laser or electrocoagulator.

If you only trust folk medicine is can I use the fresh juice of the plant "Golden mustache". The crushed leaf of this plant applied to the affected area, 1 times a day for weeks. After 10-14 days, the wart will completely dry up and disappear. If it is located on the surface of the nose to use the juice of celandine is not recommended, as after its removal may remain visible spot.


    • Insights

      Warts on the face are a serious cosmetic problem and require very careful removal so they are not left visible scars and stains. It is also important to completely remove the root of the papilloma, so she did not appear at the same place in a few months.

      Traditional recipes for drying and burning on these areas of the skin less effective and safe, so it is better to pay more and get quality results.