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Warts (HPV) in pregnant women - what to do?

During pregnancy the organism of the expectant mother rebuilds, hormonal changes, and for many physiological processes. As a result, begin to show a variety of chronic diseases, which didn't bother the woman before.

According to unofficial statistics, about 80% of the population are carriers of the human papilloma virus. HPV in pregnant women's meeting more often, because organise the expectant mother takes a lot of changes.

Causes of warts in pregnant women

Changes in hormonal background expectant mothers and adjustment of the entire body is one of the main reasons for the emergence of a new wart on the skin or mucous membranes. Even if before the pregnancy the girl is not faced with the warts (the virus is in "dormant" stage), during gestation the probability of occurrence of benign tumors on the skin increases significantly.

Another reason for the appearance of warts in pregnant women is a weakened immune system, which can provoke the manifestation of other chronic diseases.

The third cause is a sudden change of weight women, which leads to increased mechanical stress and traumatic skin. Most often, warts appear on the surface of the feet and hands.

Types of warts in pregnant women

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Filiform warts typically appear on the neck or under the arms and represent "branches" of 4-5 millimeters. They do not cause much discomfort, but can be damaged when wearing tight clothes.

Also growths can appear on the mucous membranes.

What is dangerous

Warts on the skin do not pose a serious danger to the health of the expectant mother and if do not cause significant discomfort are removed after childbirth.

The most dangerous are genital warts genital. Their occurrence poses a serious threat not only to women's health but also her child. Warts can grow in size and multiply rapidly, which will lead to difficulty giving birth. Also, during the birth of the baby he can "explode" and cause excessive bleeding.

The effects of HPV during pregnancy can be very bad. The opening of these warts dangerous for the child, because from the first days of life he may be infected with HPV. Papillomas can appear in the throat the baby, which can lead to difficulty breathing and development of a child.

How to treat warts during pregnancy

    • Prevention

      Primary prevention to prevent warts during pregnancy is to increase the immunity due to its fresh air andproper, balanced nutrition. It is very important to limit stressful situations in the life of the mother. It is also necessary to avoid hypothermia and sleep well. Healthy sleep — the key to good health.