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What warts appear?

The most common issue related to warts is "warts appear Why?". But before you answer it, you should still determine what is warts and how they look.

Warts are essentially benign growths on the skin. Tend to quietly emerge and also disappear. First we need to understand the cause of their occurrence.

Many doctors believe that the cause of warts is the more than 50 varieties of papillomavirus or as it is called

Causes of warts

Can appear warts from frogs? All of us in childhood believed in the legend that the touch of the frogs (frogs) is one of the reasons for the appearance of warts. Of course, many people still believe in it, but actually they can not cause warts in humans and are not infectious. Why do warts appear?

The virus to catch it is possible anywhere, but in order to began to appear the warts, you must comply with two conditions:

  • Your immune system must be weakened and unable to fight off the virus.
  • Must be a violation of the integrity of the skin. It can be various scratches, wounds, mosquito bites, hangnails on fingers and other skin damage.

If the warts managed to get out, then they begin to grow very quickly. Some of them tend to be painful, for example,

Contagious warts?

Let's look at some ways of transmission of warts. They can be transmitted by contact with an already infected person or collaborative objects. The interesting thing is that the virus itself can be without the warts and be just a carrier. From infection before the appearance of the warts may take more than one month.

Even when going to the sterile public pool there is a huge risk that you will have warts. Because constant exposure to chlorinated water and the cement floor on the feet will cause damage to the skin of your feet, which will entail the virus from other people and will lead to the appearance of warts. If you have warts, then go with them to the pool otherwise you can infect healthy people, even if you're not to contact them.

How do you get HPV (human papillomavirus):

  • the use of shared personal items (towels, shoes, clothes);
  • through a handshake or on public transport;
  • on the beach, in the pool, shower, gym;

Now you understand why warts appear and, after reading the article, you will know how dangerous they are.

Diagnosis of warts

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You should not engage in self-diagnosis, because not all growths on the skin are warts. They are often confused with each other, making tumors much importance, and after some time are already at the inpatient unit of the hospital. After all, the tumor may resemble a common wart that you saw more than once, and in fact this can be a malignant neoplasm that can cause great harm to the human body. Therefore, it is best to be examined by a doctor.

Warts, as a rule, for all its period of existence are not static, they can:

  • Quickly multiply and take different areas of skin on the human body.
  • Start to bleed.
  • Become quite painful.
  • To change its shape.
  • Change your color.
  • Begin to increase in size, leading to repeated damage and bleeding warts.

If at least one of the signs began to appear have you should consult a doctor because there is a high risk that the wart is transformed into a malignant neoplasm.

Before you get rid of warts, you must remove the cause of their distribution. In these cases, treatment starts with the immune-boosting drugs, which are selected for each patient individually. When selecting products is the emphasis on health status, patient age, degree of prevalence of process and current status of immunity. These drugs are given by prescription and are taken on well-established pattern.

Also I do not advise to self-medicate, because in this case you just remove the tumor of unknown origin, without eliminating the causes of warts. Besides, when you remove the people's means or by any means, purchased at a pharmacy, you may harm the top layer of the skin, thus only complicating subsequent removal of the warts.

It is worth remembering that if you draw the wart folk remedies, you do so at your own risk. In most cases with strengthening the immune system warts may disappear by themselves, but the virus remains in the body, and next time it will be enough just one stress to the warts appeared again.

Drugs for wart removal, which are sold in the pharmacy as a rule, consist of a mixture of various acids, and even the famous "super celandine" is not associated with the plant. Therefore, these funds can only be used for common or plantar warts!


Are you sure that you have a common or plantar wart? If not, then better consult a doctor for this reason!