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Overview of patches of warts with salicylic acid

A wart is a benign tumor on the skin, which looks like a knot. It appears due to the strong expansion of the surface layer of the skin and underlying papillary layer. This kind of growths on the skin caused by a virus the human papilloma virus.

The size of the wart varies from 1 to 15 mm. as it is formed predominantly on the surface of the skin, then treat it with ointments, gel and other external means is not particularly convenient. Therefore, as external therapy is actively applied patch from warts.

На фото: пластырь Ультра профи

The basis of this patch also contains salicylic acid warts. The advantage of the Ultra Pro is that it has an additional disc that protects healthy skin against the effects of acid.

Patch Ultra Pro Dr. house is kept on the wart not more than a day.

Contraindications to the use of:

  • the damaged surface of the skin;
  • particular sensitivity to the structure of the plaster.

The price of band-aid Ultra Pro is much higher than the cost of funds Sliped and Mediplast.

I would like to note that before using a patch it is very important to visit a doctor. Thus, you will avoid unwanted problems that may arise in the process of treatment of warts. Be healthy!