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Black spots inside of warts on the body

Black warts on the human body are due to the actions of human papillomavirus (HPV), which is more than half of the population of our Planet. Usually they do not exceed the size of 5-8 mm and in colour not much different from skin pigmentation.

Body warts are formed due to the change and growth of the cells of the epidermis and papillary dermis, resulting in the tumor acquires a clear shape and a few millimeters rises above the common layer of the skin. By themselves, the tumors almost homogeneous.

What kind of black dots inside the wart

Sometimes the crust warts, you may notice one or more black dots, deep into the skin for 4-6 millimeters. Such a change in pappiloma may not happen immediately, but after a few months after its occurrence.

На фото: почернела бородавка

Full color change warts on a black or dark brown could indicate its degeneration into a malignant tumor (melanoma). In this case, you need to consult a dermatologist which will determine the type of HPV and it belongs to the group of oncogenic risk. Additionally, the doctor can send the material to study to pinpoint the degree of danger to health.

If there is a risk of degeneration of warts to malignancy — it as soon as possible removed to a medical facility using modern and safe methods. Celandine and other folk remedies in this case is contraindicated.

Another black wart can occur due to injury, if you accidentally snagged or hit. Then it "boils" the blood and it gets dark. In the body papillomas are many small capillaries that are very easy to damage, even accidentally, so such cases are not uncommon.

Change the color of the growths may be associated with cauterization using folk recipes: celandine or vinegar.

In any case, if you notice a sudden change in color, structure and size of the warts, it is recommended to seek help from a qualified specialist and find out the exact cause of these changes. Only a doctor can prescribe the right treatment and the most effective method of removal if necessary.

Prevention tips

    • Drops and liquids for removal of warts
    • Antiviral medication warts
    • Special pencils for wart removal
    • Overview of patches of warts with salicylic acid

To prevent re-occurrence of warts after their removal it is necessary to maintain a high level of immunity. This helps:

  • a proper, balanced diet containing the necessarya complex of vitamins, minerals, micro - and macroelements;
  • active lifestyle and sport activities;
  • healthy sleep;

Additionally, as a preventive measure your doctor may prescribe a course of antiviral drugs, the effect of which is aimed at the destruction of human papilloma virus and decrease its numbers in the body.