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What you can cauterize the wart: a review of popular tools

Cauterization of warts — one of the simplest and most common methods of deleting data entities. It is widely used in home treatment and contains a variety of options, both cheap and more professional, but expensive. One of the most popular methods is to burn warts off with liquid nitrogen, celandine and other

Moxibustion liquid nitrogen

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Iodine, vinegar or a match

Cauterization of warts with iodine is also widely used in home medicine. This tool is inexpensive and can be found in any home medicine Cabinet.

As in the previous case, the iodine should be applied only to the surface of the wart, so he did not get on healthy skin. The area around tumors can be protected with a fat cream or patch. If iodine is constantly applied to healthy skin, you may experience a severe allergic reaction and chemical burn.

Such procedures must be repeated daily for 7-14 days (depends on the size and location of papilloma).

Similarly, you can use the vinegar, but it can also damage healthy skin, so it needs to be protected with ointments or creams.

The people are of the opinion that the wart on your body can burn a match, and then handle the area with alcohol or iodine. We do not recommend this method, because it is traumatic and can cause the rapid growth of tumors.

Pharmacy means

    • Care for warts after burning

      So after burning warts on her was not there and no trace of scars you need to follow a few simple guidelines:

      • in place of the removed tumors, apply a moisturizer (preferably with natural ingredients);
      • for 2 weeks avoid use of decorative cosmetics in these areas;
      • if the warts were burnt in open areas — protect them from direct sunlight;
      • recommended for a few weeks to refuse to visit baths, saunas and swimming pools;

      The possible effects of burning

      After moxibustion on the place of warts can form a noticeable scar. This happens in the case that its roots went deep into the skin, or the treatment was carried out without complying with the instructions.

      When using the laser, the electrocoagulator or liquid nitrogen on the site of the lesion for a few weeks may remain visible changes of the skin (change of color or deepening), but these defects completely disappear.

      If you use folk remedies (especially iodine, Chelidonium or vinegar), the probability of formation of visible scars or scarring is much higher. Therefore, these methods are not recommendedon the face. Now you know how to burn a wart and what consequences it may bring.