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Drops and liquids for removal of warts

Wart – a benign formation on the surface of the skin. In the treatment of warts used a lot of drugs, among which are the following forms – cream, gel, patch, pills, drops, and some others, but the question "how to treat warts?" is still relevant. In this article, let's talk about drops.

Drops warts on the body

As a rule, drops are solutions of the wart. They are very often used for the removal of papillomas and warts, and various tumors. Drops you can easily buy in a pharmacy, but the treatment of them requires the observance of special precautions, as most of them have a cauterizing effect, which means it can damage healthy skin.

The most popular drops from papillomas and warts:

  1. Verrucate
  2. Kolomak
  3. Cheap
  4. Malavit
  5. Fukortsin
  6. The antitoxin nano
  7. Backreport
  8. Dimexide


На фото: Малавит от бородавок

Malavit is a solution, which contains only vegetable and mineral substances. Drops effectively cope with the inflammation, relieve swelling, itching, pain, accelerate the healing process, tissue repair, normalize metabolism, improve immunity, have an antifungal effect.


Malavit " hygienic solution on a natural basis, in which there are hundreds of different organic components. The drops do not contain any colorants, preservatives, and ethanol.

Part Malavit included:

  • Shilajit;
  • oak bark;
  • cedar resin;
  • fir bark;
  • pine buds;
  • lactic acid;
  • birch buds and others.

Method of application

Wart and papilloma carefully steamed and treated with pumice, in order that the tool was able to quickly and completely penetrate the skin cells. Baby skin is subjected to impossible. The drug is applied to the gauze and put as a compress directly on the wart, and the top is fixed with an adhesive plaster. Compress put for the night and leave until morning. Malavit from the wart and used twice per week.

Contraindication to the use of Malavit only one – individual intolerance to the drug.

Side effects may in rare cases manifest themselves as allergic reactions.

The price is about 300 rubles.

Less popular solutions and liquids


The preparation contains in its composition acetone, boric acid, phenol and resorcinol. Has a bacterial effect and is used externally. The drug should not be used for those who have an individual intolerance to its staff. Drops applied to the papillomaor the wart topically 2 to 4 times a day. Among the side effects to mention the burning and pain, which are themselves.

The drug should not be put on too large areas of skin, as can occur burning and irritation.

The antitoxin nano

The antitoxin nano – tool that helps to bring the body of toxins, toxins, parasites.Drops warts Anti toxin nano have a unique natural formulation which contains no artificial components. Nano warts and papillomas efficiently with its target and has a lot of positive feedback. In addition, аntitoxin has no side effects and no allergenic.


Backreport is effective in ridding the body of parasites papillomas. In addition, it eliminates the effects of their activity, which allows to prevent recurrence. Backreport safe and has fast results.


The drug has a strong antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Drops fall in the blood within 5 minutes, ensuring quick and maximum effect Dimexidum. The downside of using drug are multiple contraindications and side effects, which can be found in the instructions to the drug.

All we analyzed medicinal drops effectively fight papillomas and warts. But before using each of the drugs should consult with your doctor.