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Antiviral medication warts

Is unpleasant from an aesthetic point of view, the tumor on human skin, as a wart often occurs due to infection with human papillomavirus (HPV). You can become infected through contact with the patient or through the things he enjoyed. As you know, almost everyone is a carrier of HPV, but the virus always starts to progress. Sometimes, it is enough quite harmless conditions such as colds, hypothermia or stress.

A list of effective pills warts

The isoprinosine and groprinosin effectively used with HPV and are full analogues each other, as they have one active ingredient, but they have some differences.

The isoprinosine warts

На фото: Метронидазол

Some people use Metronidazole to treat warts. This powdered metronidazole tablets diluted in a little water and mixed with any hand cream. The medication is applied to affected areas of the body.

How to boost immunity?

Remember that boost immunity and therefore the body's resistance to viral infections, without resorting to radical means (such as isoprinosine or cycloferon). Do not forget to take vitamins during the autumn-winter period, when the human body is most vulnerable to the adverse effects of the environment. Prevention of disease is the most reasonable treatment.