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How to cure warts at home folk remedies

The appearance of warts on the body always causes discomfort. While an unwanted growths are often ugly, appearing in such prominent places as the face or hands. For this reason, they try immediately to reduce as soon as they started to grow.

You can still say that these warts are harmless, in most cases, but as an aesthetic stimulus, they will surely fall into destruction.

Warts represent benign tumors in size from a few millimeters to two centimeters.

The surface of the wart is reminiscent of the grooves or numerous papillae. Warts occur as a result of deterioration of the human papillomavirus, which is the body of almost everyone.

Important! Unfortunately, the cure for the virus so far not, but I must say that in one form or another it is 90% of the population.

After infection, the virus may not manifest itself until nine months, after which he aktiviziruyutsya in the form of warts or other growths on the human body.

Causes of warts

First appearance of warts on the human body reports:

  • A decrease in immunity, which leads to low body resistance to various infections.
  • Also cause unwanted growths may be presence of any chronic diseases in the human body.
  • Often warts grow in areas of cracks or sores on the skin.

Growing up in inconvenient places, these tumors can strip off, injured and bleeding or inflamed. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the wart and prevent it from increasing, so the tumor does not become substandard.

It is necessary to consult a dermatologist to analyze the skin and identify the appropriate method of treatment.

Also remove the wart can home with effective home remedies.

Important! In any case, if the wart is causing discomfort and pain, it is necessary to remove as disappear independently, it is unlikely.

Wart treatment by modern methods

For the removal of warts applied various medical methods, depending on the location of growth and its characteristics.

Using the method of cryodestruction you can remove the growth with liquid nitrogen which freezes the wart and covers the work of the blood vessels supplying the growth with blood.

After a few days the wart will disappear. This operation takes several minutes and does not require re-application. The wound heals quickly leaving no scars on the skin, while the spread of the virusstops.

Laser removal is safe, effective and painless way to remove warts using laser beam.

The method of electrocoagulation affects the current on the affected area of the skin and burns the arteries supplying the warts. This operation is performed under local anesthesia, after the operation the skin may remain small scars.

By the method of radiosurgery is the removal of warts ionizing beams of light, which is very painless and quick.

If the wart has grown and suspicious for malignancy, surgical intervention is necessary. This is a very painful method, causing the bleeding. However, in the event of contraindications to other methods of treatment of this method is the only possible one.

Removal of warts at home

To remove warts there are many drugs that can be purchased at the pharmacy. Before applying healthy skin must be protected from contact with drugs. To do this is to use band-aid plastered them with healthy skin.

Using salicylic acid a wart is smeared in a few weeks. This ointment should be applied to a pre-steamed and hydrated skin.

Effective cure for warts is a Drug Cantharidin. After applying it on the place the warts should be wrapped vintovoi bandage.

Drug Birth suitable for both adults and children. The gel is applied to the affected skin twice a day for twenty days.

Kriofarma is a spray with the contents of hudgena. The wart is treated with the drug, after which the skin whitens. After a while the skin forms a blister, which is hard during the week to handle antiseptics.

Drug Verrucate carefully applied to the wart four times after each drying of the solution. After the wart should dry up and fall away. This procedure is carried out once.

A folk remedy against warts

The most popular folk remedy for wart removal is the celandine, the juice of which contains ascorbic, malic, succinic acid and vitamin A. These ingredients help you to quickly and painlessly get rid of unwanted growths without spending significant financial resources for treatment.

Wart you need to steam, lightly scrape the surface of the damaged skin and RUB the wart juice of celandine. You have to four times a day until complete disappearance of the warts.

Including the wart is well excreted by the juice of the dandelion, which is lubricated by the tumor four times a day.

Kalanchoe leaves, finely comminuted andforms a paste, which should be applied to affected area and wrap a bandage.

Garlic cut into two and the wart rubbed with cut side of garlic cloves.