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Removal of warts on face: photos and reviews of funds

If a person appeared on the face warts, then this unpleasant fact is not only a very significant cosmetic defect, but also an occasion for the occurrence of complexes.

Due to the wart you don't want to look in the mirror and go outside unless absolutely necessary. Especially, such behavior and development of psychological problems peculiar to teenagers.

The problem can be significantly exacerbated by the fact that these growths have a nasty ability to actively grow and grow. In some cases it is simply impossible to get rid of this cosmetic problem because of the relatively high probability of scarring. Still, we are talking about the face, the open area of the body.

Options the appearance of scars after wart removal are forced to carefully select methods of dealing with tumors.

Before the fight with warts it is important to consider all possible options, and then choose for themselves the best method of solving the problem.

Types of warts on the face

Warts on the face can be divided into several types.

To the first belong the warts ordinary. Round and dense tumors, which is characterized by a slight elevation above the skin level. They have a friable surface and gray or Nude shades.

These warts are often on the face does not occur, however, can appear around the lips, and therefore cannot be attributed to common rashes.

The second type consists of flat warts or youth. By name it becomes clear that they have a relationship with patient age and often occur on the skin adolescents. Outwardly, this kind of cosmetic defects of the facial skin is quite smooth, often multiple and has a light or pink tinge.

And the third types of warts on the face are whisker formation. These warts are similar threads externally, and they are quite fragile and extremely susceptible to traumatization, which, in turn, leads to various complications. Most worryingly, at a constant traumatization, there is the risk of getting attached bacterial infection.

There is also the structure. On the basis of types, about which we wrote above, can be used several methods:

In the treatment of common warts used creams and ointments based on salicylic acid, and the Kolomak, Solkoderm, Cheap. Often used pharmaceutical composition of the juice of celandine.

Hardware options – removal of warts with liquid nitrogen, causing the wart is the influence of low temperature, and laser.

Youthful warts, it is recommended to remove solely hardware methods of destruction. It can be:

  • Liquid nitrogen. Wart under the influencelow temperature withers and falls off, leaving no residue on the skin.
  • The laser is of pulse type. The method allows to remove exactly the wart, without affecting healthy areas of the skin.
  • Retinoids.

As for the third type of warts – threadlike, here we have options of removal solely by laser and cryotherapy. is important to note that you need to know, Some people also helped decoupling of warts. For this procedure you will need hot water and a cotton pad. A few times it is necessary to moisten the disk in water and apply to affected area of skin. After this, the body RUB the warts with the help of ammonia.

If you crush a clove of garlic and add to the resulting mush salt, you can also get a good remedy for warts. The resulting mixture should be applied to it and close the film package or the ordinary polyethylene.

This compress can last a few hours, after which it should be removed, and when the occurrence of an unpleasant or burning sensation, remove it immediately, because it is a tool for removing the growths is quite aggressive for the face.

No less effective and may be a lemon, or rather, its essential oil, if you apply it every three hours.

You can still try the method of burning warts with vinegar without hurting the healthy skin around it.