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Scars after removal of warts and was left with scars

Warts are diseases of a benign nature, that appear on the skin as a result of the impact of human papillomavirus.

These warts seem small protrusions on the skin light or dark in color. To warts can appear on any area of the skin. Depending on the location of the warts selected and further treatment.

In any case, it is necessary to pay attention to the warts and be sure to remove them, as some of them can be located in inconvenient places, for example in the armpits or in the neck, where warts can be constantly subjected to mechanical damage.

It is important to note that infection with HPV is not immediate and symptoms in the form of warts can form on the skin after some time, from months to years.

What are the different types of warts

This files most often appear on the skin common warts. These warts look like a rough growths on the skin which resemble outwardly the nodules. Common warts appear anywhere on the skin.

Flat warts. Another common type of rashes that occur more often in children.

On the hands and feet can be mosaic warts, which are often arranged in groups.

The growths are long and elongated, is a filiform warts most often appear in the armpits, neck and eyelids.

One of the most painful warts plantar growths remain. The problem is that these warts located on the soles always cause serious and painful.

Removal of warts and the consequences

In the majority of cases the removal of warts is not necessary, moreover, in the normal immune system, the warts themselves can disappear.

In those cases, when the patient still goes to the removal of the growth, methods of removal depend on the number of tumors and their location, and wart low temperature, which is achieved by applying liquid nitrogen.

Achieve the full effect removal is possible after several treatments. The procedure is good because after it almost does not remain traces, and if there is, it is just a minimal damage, which are rapidly disappearing, and the skin quickly becomes order.

Sometimes the skin may be traces after the warts are removed by use of chemical method in which the drugs acts as podophyllin, formaldehyde, gluteraldehyde. It is important to know it is Important to note that after any procedure to remove warts are not long time to be under the open sun. The fact that the skin onthe place of the presence of the wart is gentle enough, so is exposed to new lesions under ultraviolet light. The result is a scar after removal of warts.

At the first question than it is possible to treat the surface of the skin following removal warts ultraviolet irradiation, is a special sunscreen. This care nourishes the skin, protecting it and passing, and only funds from the burns of the sun is in any pharmacy.

It is important to know that the scar from warts will not disappear if you handle the skin creams or cosmetics. Especially it concerns the period until the skin is crispy.

And of course, that it is prohibited to use a variety of tools on the basis of alcohol.

During hygienic procedures are not recommended to have a strong effect on the skin spot removal, warts washcloth. This rule applies to the date of the prohibition on the use of the saunas and baths. It is also impossible to expose the skin to shave in place of removal of the growth, otherwise the trace of the tumors will be a long time on the skin.

In order to hasten the recovery of damaged skin after removal of warts, it is possible to take vitamin complexes, which Foundation will be vitamins E and A.

These vitamins are perfectly cope with the maintenance of skin elasticity. And at the same time help in combating the scars, which can long be present on the skin. In addition, the vitamins not only help to accelerate the healing of skin after procedures removal of warts, but increases the resistance of the skin. Such care enables us to deal with the scars from borovok.

Complications after removal of the growth

In some cases, once the wart is removed, there can be formed not only scar, but also some complications, for example:

  • Scarring of the skin at the site of the growths.
  • Skin damage, microtrauma.
  • Long-term regeneration, which is caused by low immunity.