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Treatment of warts folk remedies at home (senile and plantar warts, age-related keratomas)

First, the appearance of warts on feet or hands on the body, most people naively believes that the cause of the tumors is a toad. In reality, neither the toad nor the other living organism to the emergence and spread of warts or keratomas have absolutely no relationship, because the main cause of warts is the human papilloma virus, but you'll find out later.

Warts, the tumor is called a light swelling, which is located on the skin in Tiel, on the skin of the hand or foot. In principle, all the warts can be, such as single manifestations, and manifest in droves.

With all its diversity, warts and all keratomas on the legs, face or foot are the result of human papillomavirus. And their symptoms can cause a completely wrong Association, for example, they may hide a malignant tumor, and the patient turns to the doctor, mistakenly thinking that this is a simple wart on the face. In General, warts should be taken seriously and the appearance of these tumors, it is still necessary to consult at the dermatologist.

Among ordinary people there is a common belief about the roots of warts, which can go deep into the tissues of the body, and it is also a mistake, in reality, warts are superficial tumors that are located in the upper layers of the skin on the fingers, on the feet or hands.

Basically, warts are every 10 on the planet, and 75% of humanity, at least once, but faced with the emergence of warts on the body, on the hands, face or fingers, and keratomas can be formed with age. By its very prevalence of warts are on the second place among all skin diseases.

Choose a wart treatment

Treatment of warts and keratomas, and all funds must choose a doctor. It is an indisputable truth! The doctor is obliged to examine the warts and to choose the way of removal of warts, regardless of their location.

Self-treatment, cauterization, removal of tumors and keratomas can lead to the opposite effect, and instead of destroying warts, we get them spread on the skin. So folk remedies for removal of tumors on the hands, fingers or face, you should choose very carefully.

удаление бородавкиSome of these methods will have an effect something may be completely useless, in any case, it depends on the individual, folk remedies, as we have said, cannot be used completely independently. Even at home, it is good to use them as additional therapy.

If treatment at hometo no avail, you can ask to the pharmacy and purchase some drugs that are also effective.

Given that almost all the products contain salicylic acid, it is the main component for an effective fight against wart. First, notice how the drugs with the lowest, 17%, concentration acid.

Products with acid content, do not irritate the skin and doing a great job with small tumors, such as keratomas at home, which is confirmed by numerous reviews. Unfortunately, when used against warts, with Horny growths, the effectiveness of drugs is reduced.

Patches contain much more salicylic acid, the concentration may be up to 40%. Such a patch can at home to keep on my feet. The high concentration of acid in the plaster can lead to inflammatory processes in the skin. You can use it every few days, that is struck after 5-7 days removed. The skin is not subjected to inflammation, it can be lubricated with ordinary vaseline.

For greater effect with the use of ointments based on salicylic acid wart recommended to steam. In this state, the ointment more deeply into the skin.

Of course, there is another excellent method of getting rid of warts, it does not catch the virus the human papilloma virus. And despite such a high prevalence of the virus, there are some rules of prevention, which may reduce the likelihood of disease.

Prevention methods

  • Should be avoided in public areas barefoot. This applies to swimming pools, sports complexes. And it's not just about wearing shoes, but also about avoiding injuries of the skin, scratches, abrasions;
  • Careful handling of the shoes, it should be dried, because moisture is the perfect environment for the spread of viruses;
  • Mandatory application of disinfectants when cleaning;
  • If there is a plantar wart, it is not necessary to touch it, it will help to avoid the spread of warts on other parts of the body;
  • To avoid the appearance of one of the most unpleasant types of warts – periungual, carefully watching the condition of the fingers, and especially cuticles. Any damage here can cause penetration of HPV. And periungual warts are the most difficult and painful treatable;

There are a few tips in case if warts have already appeared on the skin, and we purchased the means of control in the pharmacy.

  1. Any preparations you need to buyonly after consultation with a dermatologist. Based on the inspection, revealed the type of neoplasm and selected appropriate ointment;
  2. It is necessary to accurately follow all instructions on the application of the ointment;
  3. If the treatment has no effect, it's worth again to go to the doctor and change the course of treatment, more tests.

In conclusion, we note that warts are not so terrible as they paint. There are many ways to get rid of them. Even using the methods of folk medicine warts are treated with a Bang. But do not forget that warts to get rid of without consultation not very desirable. The doctor should examine all your warts and decide how to deal with them.