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How to get rid of age-related warts on the body

The appearance on your body senile warts is not associated with the presence of HPV, as occurs due to age-related changes in the body. The people also called senile keratoma.

With age, the skin loses its properties and there begin to appear small spots without elevation of the surface of the skin. These changes call senile warts They start Dating people in the age of 45-50 years, but may be earlier if not to care of my skin and health.

Causes of senile warts

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For the diagnosis of senile warts specialist are often quite visual inspection. If you suspect HPV, the doctor can prescribe the appropriate tests. What is it and why to take you can

People's ways

    • Prevention

      To prevent the occurrence of senile warts is necessary to limit the impact of ultraviolet radiation on the skin. If you decide to tan, be sure to use sunscreen and are not on the street between 11 to 15 hours (at this time, the intensity of UV radiation is the highest).

      Additionally, you must take care of the preparation of a comprehensive diet, including vitamins (especially C and E), is responsible for the skin's health, minerals, micro and macro.

      The appearance of senile warts linked to immunity, so you need to monitor their health, lead a healthy lifestyle and limit the amount of stressful situations.