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Baziron: description and contraindications

One of the most effective means on care of skin is the cream for external use — Baziron AC. It is recommended to use a during the occurrence of acne on the face. Moreover, almost any age, despite the fact that most of this drug is considered a "juvenile".

In the composition of the drug is present peroxide, benzene, and the Foundation of substance, which is responsible for the fight against acne.

Note that the Baziron AU 5% is becoming more popular in Russia, despite the presence of other drugs, the youth still prefers him.

As for the variety of the drug, note that conditionally it can be divided into:

  • 2,5%,
  • 5%,
  • 10%.

Interestingly, while the Russians are only one species – 5%.

Cream for acne Baziron AU: an overview

The drug effectively treats a rash on the face, possesses drying and improving the structure of the relevant layers belonging to the epidermis. The drug is also aimed at suppressing the allocating of fat under the skin, not allowing them to accumulate. This leads to the fact that the skin continues to function normally, even if the patient has oily skin.

At the time of occurrence is Not prohibited parallel application environments for moisturizing the skin during treatment, but in this case it is advisable to consult an experienced specialist.

A large number of beauticians recommend before the main treatment to prepare the surface of the skin, and also is not effective. For this purpose, the acne cream should be applied no more than once per day, preparing the skin to the main application, wherein the formulation is applied not just in its original form and concentration, and diluted. Again, in this case, it is possible to completely negate the presence of side effects.

The recommendations of experts

There are some features that must be strictly adhered to:

  • During use Baziron AU, should not visit the Solarium, and long to be under the influence of sunlight. This is due to the irritating action of ultraviolet light.
  • Not recommended for products that have alcohol in parallel with the Baziron AC.
  • With dry skin and the beginning of the peeling process, it is recommended to start applying a moisturizer in between use Baziron.
  • As each person has different type of skin, the choice of the system will be individual. In this case, taking into account all nuances and peculiarities.

And still, advise during treatment, irritation, pimples, and spots on the face use the complex method. Do not forget about cleaning procedures of masks, which effectively tightens pores and do not allow dirt to get into the top layer of skin.

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