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Effective face masks from wrinkles

In order to preserve the "freshness" and the young person for many years, to rid it of wrinkles and loss of elasticity, the beauty industry has developed numerous tools and procedures. But if you care for a skin condition regularly need the use of expensive drugs if not disappear, although there would be need only in a respectful age. Regular maintenance – a set of procedures in which an important place is occupied by the face mask.

Types of masks

Facials klassificeret in many respects, one among them is the skin type for which it is suitable. Allocate masks for oily, normal skin, dry and combination. On the page, depending on the form of application, there are liquid formulations (applied in a thin layer, and then, in the form of a thin film removed from the face), gel (recommended for oily dermis), paste (characterized by cleansing and moisturizing effects), creamy (can be drying or non-drying), powder (active additive in the composition to moisturize, smooth and nourish the skin) and scrubs (main purpose – quality cleaning of pores).

The purpose of the masks

Depending on components, Bleaching agents, especially useful for skin with pigment spots and freckles. According to cosmetologists, to apply them should be in the evening to avoid contact with sunlight. Regular use of cleansing compositions will make the skin tone lighter. Natural and effective face mask at home is made from parsley, lemon juice, cucumber, dairy products. If You want to buy a ready-made, it is possible to pay attention to: RenRadiance, La Mer for skin tone and other.

Recommendations at the end

Choosing a face mask, you should use the basic rule: do no harm. For this purpose, it is necessary to accurately determine the skin type and diagnose basic problems. Make it better with the help of a good beautician who will recommend the type of facility most suitable for You.

To achieve the desired expected result, mask should be applied as specified by the manufacturer or according to the recommendations of the expert, if the tool is made independently. Regular skin care will help preserve its youth and health for many years.