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Treatment of nail fungus on feet Apple cider vinegar

Such trouble, skin disease, disease, like a fungus, able to deliver people a lot not only physical but also psychological discomfort leads to discomfort and can cause development of even complexes.

The appearance of fungus on skin near nail, the first sign of itching supports. Unfortunately, reviews say that this sign is not the last.

Next comes the slow but deliberate destruction of the top of the fabric. Sometimes accompanied by the whole process of the suppuration, and all this against the background that about aesthetics here do not speak.

Important! Nail fungus can be attributed to an infective disease that is easily transmitted from patient to patient. Transmission occurs by contact-household.

In addition to the traditional approach in the treatment of this disease, there is an approach that invites and traditional medicine. In its Arsenal has many tools to deal with the fungus.

Interestingly, the most popular tool is a simple kitchen vinegar that we actually talk today. Moreover, it is not only used in the treatment of nail fungus with vinegar, but also as a prophylactic.

Features nail treatment

Initiation of treatment begins with the preparation in the proper proportions solution. The vinegar will need to apply to the affected fungus nail, in the form of a bandage or lotions.

In addition to the vinegar, which we have already described, sufficiently diluted with water, traditional medicine offers recipes based on, again, vinegar. Hi one such example:

  • 3 PCs chicken proteins (sometimes used instead of glycerol – taken one tablespoon);
  • Vodka or diluted with ethyl alcohol in the amount of one tablespoon;
  • Vinegar essence (65-70%) in the amount of two tablespoons.

All the components are mixed to homogeneous mass. The resulting solution must be stored in a dark place and at low temperature.

Application instructions

In the evening it is necessary to moisten a prepared bandage of gauze in the vinegar solution. Further, the lotion is applied in Addition to lotions, you can use the method of steaming the legs, respectively, of the affected nail. For this you must prepare foot, wash your feet. Then in a basin filled with room temperature water and down the lower limb. Water should be enough to cover the foot at the ankle.

After 5-10 minutes, water is added to wine or Apple cider vinegar. The concentration of the vinegar is chosen subjectively, and if there is burning, the concentration decreases and just everything, that is enough.

Important! You need to be careful in the case of the presence on the skin wounds or ulcersopen type, in this case the concentration of vinegar also reduce to prevent corrosion of the skin.

There is a more interesting recommendation — before bed put on socks, they must be soaked in a light solution of vinegar. Experts say that the presence of continuous acid solution detrimental effect on the spread of the fungus.

Applying a mixture

As we have mentioned above, especially the composition of the mixture is not difficult, as all the ingredients are simple and not costly. Another simple recipe involves the use of:

  • vinegar (70%) in the amount of two tablespoons of (Apple for example),
  • one egg,
  • one tablespoon of vegetable oil,
  • one teaspoon dimethylphthalate.

All the ingredients are mixed and leave for some time. Thereafter, the mixture is ready for use.

As for storage, it is recommended to store the mixture in the dark and at low temperature. It is recommended to apply at night, carefully rubbing the ointment into infected with fungus areas of nail and skin. After that lower limb to put on socks that stay the night. The greenhouse effect, in the presence of vinegar will gradually kill the fungal spores and the fungus.


To prevent and avoid diseases in the future, certain rules must be followed:

  • To support the immune system of the human body, to practice sports, to spend more time on the street.
  • To avoid and to deal in future with excessive sweating of the feet, it also has its own recipes.
  • Shoes should be entirely of leather.
  • Personal and household hygiene should be required to attend.

In conclusion we can say that, judging by the reviews, few modern patients are willing the year to teach the course in treatment with Apple cider vinegar. It's too long and troublesome, unpleasant smell from the fungus on the nail is only amplified when exposed to vinegar. Therefore, to say positively about the way difficult, but its efficiency, even in long-term care could not be questioned.